Saturday Takeaway


How good was the move by Portsmouth for Defoe? Defoe has a goal per game average with six since the move while Benjani has scored just once since joining City.

Manchester United is a wrecking ball heading for a double.

Right now Christiano Ronaldo is virtually unstoppable and I feel lucky to be watching him in his current form.

Well timed, hard but fair tackles are becoming a lost art. Is tackling even taught any more?

Derby will be seeing a lot more of Fulham next season.

What has happened to Man City and who will score goals for them?

Arsenal had a near death experience and now somehow has a pulse. Barely

What must Beckham be thinking after earning his 100th cap for England then suffering through 90 minutes of humiliation in LA’s 0 -4 season opener to Colorado?

The MLS is still difficult to watch.


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