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Don Garber

/ 6 days ago

Don Garber plays dumb on why MLS ref proposal was rejected

Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber has claimed that he does not know what his league's referees want in their current collective bargaining negotiations. MLS recently locked out their referees after their union, the Professional Soccer Referees Association (PSRA), declined the latest labor proposal. The North American soccer league is now using replacement referees for […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 72 days ago

MLS quits US Open Cup, rips US soccer apart

Major League Soccer’s cold and calculated decision to quit the US Open Cup has had a dramatic impact on the credibility of the USA’s top-flight league. Many hardcore fans of Major League Soccer have criticized the league for its lack of respect for American soccer. As usual, we take a deep dive into the topic. […]

Apple TV

/ 76 days ago

Garber admits MLS Season Pass deal with Apple could pose risk

MLS Commissioner Don Garber has admitted that MLS' revenue share agreement with Apple for MLS Season Pass contains risk. In a recent keynote address at the Columbia Sports Management Conference, Garber explained Major League Soccer's exclusive global streaming deal with Apple in more detail. "It's a partnership, and that's the most different aspect of it," […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 77 days ago

MLS' plan to rule all of US pro soccer

Do you want MLS to rule all of professional club soccer in the United States? It’s heading that way. We dissect what MLS Commissioner Don Garber says on the topic, as well as what it means for soccer fans (and clubs) across the United States. We also share our analysis of the viewership numbers for […]

Apple TV

/ 103 days ago

Apple wants MLS to be the best soccer league in the world

Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue wants Major League Soccer (MLS) to eventually become the best soccer league in the world. The executive at the mammoth tech company cited the sheer economic power of the United States. He made the claims at the recent Soccerex Miami event. “When I think of America, it’s the biggest […]

Don Garber

/ 180 days ago

After 10 years, MLS still lacks goal-line technology

It has now been a decade since MLS commissioner Don Garber declared that the league would not implement goal-line technology for the 2014 season. At the time, Garber hinted that the technology costs too much money. However, the system is now widely used around the world. The Hawk Eye technology was introduced by the Premier […]

Leagues Cup

/ 189 days ago

MLS commissioner doubles down on no Leagues Cup in Mexico

MLS commissioner Don Garber reaffirmed his belief that the Leagues Cup should only feature in the United States, not in Mexico. However, he did not cite the new stadiums in the country or the fact that more American teams are in the competition. Instead, his principal reason for keeping the tournament in the USA is […]

Don Garber

/ 201 days ago

MLS open to expanding Leagues Cup to more foreign teams

In an effort to broaden the appeal of the Leagues Cup, MLS Commissioner Don Garber suggested inviting foreign teams Major League Soccer teams have had tremendous success in the 2023 Leagues Cup. Fueled by the debut of Lionel Messi, there are six quarterfinalists in the expanded competition from MLS. Two Mexican teams, Monterrey and Queretaro, […]

Artificial Turf

/ 226 days ago

MLS clubs may install natural grass for Messi, says Garber

MLS commissioner Don Garber is ready to make key changes, including the addition of natural grass, to accommodate the arrival of Lionel Messi. The Argentine has played on real grass for the majority of his career. However, in Major League Soccer, several clubs still use fully artificial fields. Five clubs only use fake grass. Those […]

Business of Soccer

/ 229 days ago

MLS team valuations to surpass $1 billion next year, says Garber

Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber has claimed that valuations of the league's teams will soon exceed $1 billion. Garber made the comments during a recent interview with Bloomberg. Los Angeles Football Club became the first MLS club to reach $1 billion in valuation according to Forbes back in February. However, the commissioner believes most […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 251 days ago

Who has more power in US soccer: MLS or USSF?

The equation for the overall global soccer structure goes like something like this. FIFA is greater than Continental Confederations, which are greater than the National Federations, thus greater than Domestic Professional Leagues. That's on paper, anyway. But in the United States of America, there's a question of who's really driving the sport. Does the USSF, […]