The legendary Zinedine Zidane will not be taking over as manager of the France national team anytime soon. There has been persistent speculation that the three-time Champions League-winning manager may take over as coach of his country’s national side. Nevertheless, there has been no official proposal.

The French FA decided to keep Didier Deschamps on staff until 2026 following their 2022 World Cup final loss to Argentina. Les Blues came dangerously close to making history under Didier Deschamps’s leadership. However, they were unable to complete the double World Cup he had dreamed of.

He was unable to provide a clear statement on his future after their unfortunate penalty shootout loss. This led many to believe that the 54-year-old would resign after the competition.

After earlier expressing a desire to lead the national team, legendary French coach Zinedine Zidane has been patiently waiting his turn. Nevertheless, the former Real Madrid coach will need to exercise patience for a while longer.

With the signing of a new three-year agreement, Deschamps will continue to lead the French national team, the country confirmed last January. The agreement will remain in effect until the 2026 World Cup in the US, Canada, and Mexico begins in June. It also means that Deschamps will lead France‘s efforts to win Euro 2024 in Germany.

What did France FA president say?

According to esRadio’s Sergio Valentin, Zidane had already agreed to replace Deschamps before Qatar 2022 ever began. While waiting for word from the national team, the unemployed manager allegedly turned down several offers. But it seems like the door is now shut.

Regarding Deschamps’ future, French FA president Philippe Diallo has remained firm, irrespective of the performance at Euro 2024. A lot of people are picking them to win the tournaments.

“There’s no doubt [about Deschamps]. I’m not going to discuss this. Zidane is a monument of French football. We have to recognize and show gratitude for everything he’s contributed. But, we have the best coach in French football in position until 2026. Everything has already been said on this”, he said, via Sport.

Zidane and Deschamps remain close, and he won’t be taking his job as Les Bleus coach after Euro 2024
Zidane and Deschamps remain close, and he won’t be taking his job as Les Bleus coach after Euro 2024

Zidane and Deschamps remain close, and he won’t be taking his job as Les Bleus coach after Euro 2024

What did Zidane say previously?

Notably, Zidane has not coached since his departure from Real Madrid in the summer of 2021. The former midfielder even said last summer that he has considered the possibility of becoming France’s manager in the future.

The Frenchman left the door open to the prospect of eventually leading Les Bleus. But he was certain that he was not ready to go up to the plate just yet.

“I’ve often said that when you know the France team as a player and you become a coach, it’s just logical to think about it. But now is not the time. When I was in Cannes, I wanted to go to Bordeaux.

“Then I wanted to play at Juve and then Madrid because it was a different and stronger experience each time. We just call it ambition. I have always been ambitious and I have always believed in myself. I rush”, he told GQ magazine.