Will Ferrell, the iconic Hollywood actor from “Anchorman,” “Elf,” and “Step Brothers,” has a well-documented passion and support for soccer. His journey as a soccer enthusiast has seen him supporting various clubs across the globe; starting from Chelsea in the Premier League to LAFC in Major League Soccer. Even more recently, he has been associated with Wrexham and Leeds United.

Ferrell’s support for Chelsea was more than a casual interest. Media have spotted him at Stamford Bridge, cheering on the Blues during key matches. Notably, he posed with John Terry before Chelsea’s 2009 pre-season friendly against Inter in California, wearing the 2004/05 home shirt. In 2012, Ferrell and fellow actor Zach Galifianakis met the squad in Seattle, exchanging personalized jerseys.

In 2017, Ferrell attended a Chelsea vs Arsenal match at Stamford Bridge while filming “Holmes and Watson” in London. Celebrating the Blues’ win, the actor took a picture with Eden Hazard in the changing rooms.

Big LAFC role

While his support for the English side was rooted in a fan’s perspective, the 56-year-old’s role with Los Angeles Football Club took his soccer involvement to a new level. LAFC, established in 2014, aimed to bring a fresh and dynamic soccer experience to Los Angeles. The Irvine native joined the club’s ownership group in 2016. That way, he showcased his commitment to promoting soccer in the United States.

As a part-owner of the Black and Gold, Ferrell has been actively involved in the club’s activities. He frequently attends matches at Banc of California Stadium, where his presence is a source of excitement for fans. Ferrel’s hands-on approach and genuine excitement characterize the team’s success. His investment in the club goes beyond financial support; it reflects his dedication to growing the sport and engaging with the community.

One of the key aspects of LAFC’s mission is community engagement, a value that resonates deeply with Ferrell. The club’s initiatives in youth soccer programs, local charity events, and community outreach align with Ferrell’s vision of making a positive impact through sports. His participation in these initiatives has helped to strengthen the bond between the club and its supporters, further establishing the club as a model organization in MLS.

Recent English emergence in Will Ferrell soccer support

In recent years, Ferrell has also developed ties with Wrexham, a Welsh club with a rich history and an enthusiastic fanbase. This connection emerged through his friendship with fellow actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who acquired Wrexham in 2020. Their efforts to revive the club and bring it back to prominence have garnered significant attention, with Ferrell lending his support to their cause.

Ferrell’s visits to Wrexham games, invited by his Hollywood co-stars, have added a touch of glamour to the club. His presence at the matches, often captured in the media, highlights the unique blend of entertainment and sports that Wrexham’s new ownership has brought to the table.

The popular actor’s involvement with the Red Dragons is primarily as a supportive friend. Despite that, his appearances have helped to boost the club’s profile and attract a much broader audience.

Then just recently, the veteran expanded his soccer portfolio by becoming one of the celebrity investors of Leeds United, another storied club in English soccer. Leeds, known for its passionate supporters and rich history, represents a new and exciting chapter in Ferrell’s soccer journey.

Nearly a year ago, in the summer of 2023, 49ers Enterprises paid $215 million to acquire the club. But for now, Ferrel will not have any say at Elland Road, according to BBC Radio Leeds, as his investment is still small.

Despite his many appearances and connections with several teams, Ferrell made it clear in an interview with Sky Sports that he does not support any club. Rather than rooting for any one club, he mostly prefers watching the Premier League as a whole.