Veteran Premier League player Andros Townsend has ridiculed how officials punish clubs that breach FFP rules. A series of English top-flight teams face charges for violating profitability and sustainability rules (PSR) in recent months. One of these sides includes Townsend’s former club, Everton.

The Toffees were previously hit with a 10-point deduction for recording losses of about $154 million over a three-year period. League rules regarding PSR state that top-flight teams cannot exceed $133 million during this timeframe. Everton did, however, appeal the decision and the penalty has since been reduced to six points. As a result, the Merseyside team moved out of the relegation zone.

Nevertheless, the Toffees picked up yet another financial charge in January and could face additional punishments. Along with Everton, Nottingham Forest was charged as well. The East Midlands side ultimately received a four-point penalty for the violation. Forest brass has since appealed the ruling and is awaiting word on the ordeal.

Townsend claims ‘nonsense’ from FFP uncertainty in Premier League

All of these changes in points, particularly with clubs at the bottom of the table, has made keeping up with the standings fairly difficult. Townsend has significant interest in this area, as his current club, Luton Town, is fighting for Premier League survival. The newly promoted side now sits just one point out of the relegation zone due to Forest’s aforementioned penalty.

Nevertheless, the star winger is not exactly confident that the charges will stick with his rivals. “We don’t know what’s going to happen. Everton have got points back, Forest are appealing and may get points back, Everton may get more points [deducted] – who knows,” proclaimed Townsend.

“It all may get wrapped up the week before the end of the season. It’s all nonsense, to be honest. Psychologically, if you’re above the relegation zone, you’re thinking a point is enough to keep you above the relegation zone.”

“Then a week later you’re back in the relegation zone because teams have got their points back. For me, it makes a mockery of the Premier League [and] what is the best league in the world.”

Premier League’s final table may not be set until after the season

Not only does enforcing PSR rules take time and create chaos at the table, but the appeals process adds another headache for the clubs. The Premier League’s laws currently state team appeals should finish before May 24th. This, however, is five days after the current campaign ends.

Forest’s case will conclude before this date. League officials will make a ruling on their appeal case sometime in April. Nevertheless, it is absurd to change the table based on a points penalty after teams play all their games.

Everton still also has their second case to conclude. The Merseyside team’s hearing will take place during the week of March 25th. Assuming it faces another penalty, Everton will almost certainly appeal the decision. Consequently, the league table would be unclear entering the pivotal final stretch of the season.

Townsend has a point regarding the chaos in the Premier League. After all, the continued fluctuation in the table is not exactly a great look for the division. However, league officials are tweaking the financial laws as early as this summer. The move would potentially see the English top flight alter rules to coincide with UEFA’s current spending laws.