Day 21 – Jogi Love (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Brazil crash out of the World Cup as Germany march on victorious. A lot of retrospective-adjustments made to people’s predictions in the tournament this evening. What does the pod think? They take you through the day’s game and Netherlands – Argentina. World, let’s talk soccer:

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Here are the different ways you can listen to the World Soccer Talk Podcast:

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One thought on “Day 21 – Jogi Love (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)”

  1. Sometimes I swear that Kartik make some comments just to get a rise out people.

    It’s too bad none of you on the podcast had the gut to challenge him when he made the ridiculous comment that Klose is more deserving of the world cup goalscoring record than Ronaldo because his goals were more important than Ronaldo’s? Why noone pressed Kartik to elaborate on that or challenged him is beyond belief.

    I would like to see Kartik elaborate on this point. One that he can do in an article maybe?

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