Inertia Ultra (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Think of it this way: If they hadn’t turned up then you wouldn’t know that they could do so little and yet not achieve so much. Man City have truly handed the title to United this season. And whilst they are not the only team to do so in the league it is disappointing to see such potential go unfulfilled by a side who proved so much last season. But then that makes you think: does that take away from that achievement in any way? If it does so for you, then does it feel the same for City fans?

United on the other hand, well they continue to dumbfound critics and sweep aside Reading. De Gea on an impressive run, almost as long as RVP’s…

At the other end of the table things really are tense. Southampton get a grip and prove themselves handy, which Villa surprise no one by actually winning something, even if it is late. But on a weekend with so many poor tackles and so many satisfying moments: which were the headline makers? What will we look back and smile about at the end of the season? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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6 thoughts on “Inertia Ultra (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. What did City “prove” last season exactly? United handed them the PL last year. It is not like City ran away with it. United on the other hand have taken last year’s defeat and decided to actually slap their authority on the league this year.

    1. So city didn’t win it? Right then this year it mustn’t matter that Utd won games by your reckoning I suppose you could say City gave it them by losing and drawing! Plumb

  2. I honestly can not stand when Morgan talks about Tottenham or talks at all. He is such a biased little prick about it. Always has something to complain about no matter what. When spurs played well he kept saying one man team nonsense. When they play bad he blames AVB or that they dont have a true stiker(only correct thing he actually says). Just cant take his crap anymore makes me not want to listen to the podcast.

    When his beloved Chelsea scum play terrible he complains that they have played to many games or there was a bad call(stop crying)admit that they suck from time to time. Just the most annoying thing about this podcast is his biased views that do nothing but hurt the podcast. Its even worse when he host the thing which i hope doesnt happen for awhile.

  3. How did United hand the PL to City? Ridiculous statement. I suppose they handed City their two wins against them last year as well. Give credit where credit is due.

    City are a long term project that achieved success earlier than I could have thought. United are still the best in England and what every club aspire to be but City earned that championship last year regardless of what you or anyone else think.

    1. Credit where credits due is something they don’t understand. If you beat them they have a reason why. The worlds worst losers, it’s one of the reasons they follow them, they’re attracted to the success.

    2. Typical entitled rag scum attitude right there.

      What is ironic is that all the people who have that attitude basically are just a bunch of front-runner GHBs who woke up one day and say “gee, I’m going to follow the club that wins every single trophy every single year and talk junk to everyone else behind that.”

      I have no respect for those people. They are not even worth addressing or even interacting with.

      Now the REAL rag supporters out there are different. Not really a lot of them in relative terms, but they are okay with me, for one. Some of those guys are just people who made one bad choice a long time ago and made the mistake of sticking with it.

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