Combinations (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

When it comes to combinations the pod look at the best and worst of the last week: Moyes- United. USA-Germany-Ghana-Portugal. Does it get much better for football? Whatever your opinion on the draw and the weekend of football which followed it, there is something for you. Including: mules.

Kris went to London and then headed to Spurs Sunderland whilst Morgan and Kartik both lament a lack of vision within their clubs.

What did you think of the football over the weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Combinations (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Kristan rightly points out how poor Defoe was with very good chances…the second half alone he missed 4 sure fire goals, the great pass by Holtby that split the defense that Defoe hacked at should’ve made it 3-1 then Holtby & Paulinho in addition. The shots inside the penalty area were greatly improved as they were v Fulham. I’d say AVB gave Sunderland a huge advantage starting with only 9 men (Defoe & Dawson don’t count).

    In the second half Sunderland were very fortunate to not be down by 3 or 4. It’s interesting that while Kristan made those observations on squandered chances (and backed up by Squawka) Morgan still thinks it was a cautious nail bitting affair lol…sure mins 87-92 had Sunderland throwing everything at us, but they never looked like scoring.

    Perhaps Morgan is just letting his disappointment about how poor his club have been with the much hailed Jose return leak into his already heavy dislike of anything AVB & Spurs.

    CFC let in 6 mr soft as u like goals in 2 games at Sunderland & Stoke….Sunderland & Stoke!….not Man City @ the Etihad or Farsenal, or LFC but Sundrland & Stoke… Seriously 6! The Stoke defeat means Mourinho has less points (30) in his first 15 games back in charge of a arguabmly far stronger & settled CFC squad this time than his first time, than AVB did in his first 15 @ CFC 31pts….very funny esp after his “it’s a gap” soliloquy.

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