Premier League 2011-12 Season Review (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

It takes some time to review the season. So much to fit into one pod, which is why this podcast is almost the length of two EPL Talk podcasts…but worth the time and effort as the regular podders take on morality, money, moronic tweets and missing empty nets. Really?
Of course, looking back can be difficult so we look forward to more seasons and managers as sackings, cups and players move around europe. Kartik broadcasts from Florida where Roberto Martinez decided to ‘divert’ his ‘holiday’. Coincidence?

City, United and Chelsea all get the analysis of our pod and Arsenal are praised for their positivity, Wenger’s fore-sight paying off again. But teams just below that embarrassed themselves: Liverpool being the main candidate for humiliation: or are they? We look at how they can move forward.

Of course, many teams are praised for their changing structure, player roster and mentality. Newcastle do well in these stakes, can they go on and build from here or is this season so anticipation one which sets them up for Bolton’s destiny?

All twenty teams are in this podcast so let us know what you thought of the season. Was your team on the podcast enough? Do you have thoughts on where your team is going next season? Do you even want a team after this season? Join the conversation on Twitter and the Twitter conversation:

EPL Talk: @epltalk

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Laurence: @lozcast

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