Chel-see-you-later (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

AVB took the first BA out of LCY, so CFC appoint RDM to show TLC: proving ANI. Roman will be ISO a new LTR to bring RL back to SB. What will kkfla think of this? Find out inside this week’s pod, as we start with a full Chelsea section – something new? Who is on the list to replace him? Will the plan continue?

Then we change tactics and approach the title: who has the impetus in this race? United took their chances but haven’t taken control of a game for a while now. Title winning mentality or do you create your own luck?

A number of 1 – 1 draws frustrate fans across the league, as team after team fail to take their chances. As draws mount up, who benefits?

There was a derby in there too as Newcastle faced Sunderland. Fiery. A number of talking points, including: should Tiote have gone down so hard? Is going to ground easily a sin or necessary in the modern game? Tweet along with the tweet along with the podcast and give us your views for the next show:

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7 thoughts on “Chel-see-you-later (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)”

    1. Something is either unfunny or funny. You can’t have a magnitude of something that’s lacking.

      ‘Highly unfunny’ doesn’t make sense. It just makes you a c …

    2. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your feedback, I always appreciate some constructive criticism.

      Happily for me, this is my day job because Accounting didn’t need someone to “talk football” with them.

      Unfortunately, this is a little like shouting: “Highly unfunny” at the news.

      If you have any more feedback on what you would like to hear then drop me an email:



  1. I hope that a well meaning constructive suggestion would be o.k. I am a regular listener to the podcast and overall I enjoy it. I do think that someone taking on a proper moderator role would really make the podcast much better. This isn’t mean to criticize Lawrence at all but the cast comes off as 4 pundits and some segments seem to go very long or at least too long. The discussion of a player falling down to make sure the referee knew there was a foul was difficult listening and a good example.

    With that being said, I still download every week and will continue to do so. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put the show together each week.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your feedback. You know that we appreciate it. I’ll take that into account in the future. We’re working on cutting the podcast down in length, hopefully that will improve it for you and everyone else.

      If you have any more feedback just drop me an email:



  2. Karthik,
    The main reason LFC fans hated and maligned “Roy Hodgson” from the get go was not due to cause he was a bad manger but he was seen as a “YES MAN” to previous owners and was kissing Ferguson butt every single press conference he got.

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