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What Would Be Your Dream Cup Final, And Why?

There’s something magical about a Cup Final. On any given day, any team can win even if it’s a David against Goliath. The nerves are tensing, the butterflies are racing and the sweaty palms are in full bloom. Then you have the atmosphere at the stadium, the team colors flying […]

Arsenal Were Simply Not Good Enough Against Barcelona

Champions League matches often create fascinating moments in games, especially in the second leg when two teams are going down to the wire to determine who will be victors. In Tuesday night’s match between Barcelona and Arsenal, with Barcelona in the ascendency with a 3-1 lead late in the game, […]

Liverpool Away Shirt for 2011-2012 Season Revealed: Photos

New photos of what appears to be Liverpool’s away shirt for the 2011-2012 season have been leaked. The photos of Liverpool’s new away shirt reveal a return to the club’s famous yellow shirt with red trim. Designed and manufactured by Adidas, Liverpool’s new away shirt features red pinstripes on the […]

Subbuteopia: Trailer For Upcoming Documentary About Subbuteo

Subbuteopia – trailer from L@SocietàSintetica on Vimeo. A documentary about Subbuteo, the legendary table soccer game, is in the works and scheduled for release this year. The film includes the story of the Parodi brothers, one of the main distributors of Subbuteo in Europe since 1971. When they could no […]

FIFA 11 Predicts Barcelona vs Arsenal Result

The masterminds at EA have taken their FIFA 11 game simulation machine and predicted the result of tonight’s Barcelona against Arsenal match. After Arsenal’s historic 2-1 win against Barcelona at the Emirates, will the Gunners be able to overcome the best team in the world at Camp Nou? Or will […]

How I Fell In Love With Everton F.C.

I sat on my couch soon after the United States’ loss to Ghana in the World Cup, wondering what to do next. Despite knowing little to nothing about football, I had devoted myself completely to the team’s emotional World Cup run, and I couldn’t just wait for Brazil in four […]

MLS ’11 Preview: Portland Timbers

Team Name: Portland Timbers Stadium and Location: PGE Park, Portland Oregon Coach (with record as MLS coach): John Spencer (First season as Head Coach) 2010 LEAGUE RESULTS: 3rd in the USL Conference table . (4th Overall) 2010 REVIEW: A 3rd place finish in the USL Conference and 4th overall saw the Timbers round off their […]

The Americanization of Statistics By Premier League Clubs

Was Thierry Henry lazy? Is Florent Malouda the most valuable player in the English Premier League? Are NBA analytical models being used in the EPL? All were questions and discussion points during the “Soccer Analytics” panel held Saturday at the 5th annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston. The conference, […]

Fulham 3-2 Blackburn Rovers: Bonus Match Review

Allow me start with some nuts and bolts. When I first embarked on writing tactics-flavored match reports, I planned to focus on mid-to-lower table clubs, like my initial report on Wigan v. WBA. This was because Michael Cox of Zonal Marking (a participant in a tactics interview accessed with a subscription […]

Kuyt, Kuyt, Kuyt (Weekend Review): EPL Talk Podcast

Liverpool has snapped a three derby losing streak to Manchester United, with strong performances from Dirk Kuyt, Luis Suárez and Raúl Meireles leading the Reds to a 3-1 victory over their rivals. On this edition of the EPL Talk Podcast, myself, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna talk about the Red […]

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