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  1. This time there might be uncertainity in this famous line…..GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED…..
    The champions of epl suffering from the defeats in epl. The main probable reason is the sickness and injuries of players like wayne rooney,robin van persie etc…since they are the main players of manu..and there is also lack of understandings in the football pitch also is also the main cause of this bad performance….
    This year as we all know david moyes become the new head coach but he cant go up to that mark but as we all know that this is his first season for manu….and he will surely be claim his title given by fans as the chosen one……
    Now finally about the players
    since his arrival from everton as a manager he made a siging from everton i.e fellaini as an holdig midfielder but his performane is very bad all through the season and most of the time he was injured…..
    also the role of rooney is not verified…as we know that he is the most happening striker in the world but most of the time he played in central role as an attacking midfielder…..
    surely david moyes can make new contracts in this january transfer window…..
    We can hope for the best for manu….

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