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Most-watched soccer games on US TV for June 25-July 3, 2018

FOX Sports and Telemundo Deportes averaged a combined 4.9 million viewers for the final round of the Group Stage, up 24% from the first round of matches and up 7.5% from the second round. Viewership for the third games in the Group Stage peaked for Mexico’s match against Sweden with FOX and Telemundo combining for 6.565 million viewers, a 40% decrease from Mexico’s victory over Korea. World Cup viewership saw a massive 71.5% increase for the Round of 16 when compared to the Group Stage. Round of 16 matches averaged nearly 7.5 million viewers compared to 4.3 million average viewers ... Read more

World Cup TV ratings continue to exceed 4 million per game on US TV

The 2018 FIFA World Cup continues to average more than 4 million viewers for every game of the competition across English-language and Spanish-language television combined. From June 14 to July 3, the US World Cup viewership is averaging 4.17 million on television alone. That includes games from the Group Stage through to the end of the Round of 16 matches. In total, the games have generated more than 233 million viewers not including the millions who have streamed the games on smartphones and other digital devices. The 4.17 million average across 56 games is impressive considering that (1) that’s 56 ... Read more

Most-watched soccer games on US TV for June 20-24, 2018

Mexico’s second round victory over Korea drew a combined 11.037 million viewers to FOX and Telemundo, making it the most-watched match of the World Cup thus far. It was also Telemundo’s most-watched match with 6.6 million viewers tuning in to their coverage. Germany’s comeback victory over Sweden surpassed FOX’s previous high for viewership, drawing 5.397 million viewers to the English-language broadcast. This represents an increase of over 1 million viewers from FOX’s highest viewed game in round 1 between Brazil and Switzerland. Overall, the second round of World Cup games saw a 15.43% increase in viewership with FOX Sports making ... Read more

World Cup surpasses 1 billion minutes livestreamed via Telemundo

With the vast majority of World Cup games kicking off during office hours in the United States, the tournament has surpassed more than 1 billion minutes livestreamed via Telemundo Deportes’ streaming through June 25. To date, the tournament has reached 32 million uniques, generating 73.8 million livestreams, and 1.06 billion total minutes viewed. Streaming across Telemundo Deportes en Vivo app and the website, the average number of unique streamers per game through Telemundo is 894,200. With Telemundo averaging 2,048,063 viewers per World Cup game on US television through June 24, the combination of television plus streaming viewership is impressive ... Read more

FOX beating Telemundo in World Cup TV ratings

FOX Sports has leapt ahead of Telemundo in generating more TV viewers for World Cup games on English-language television compared to Spanish-language TV for the first 11 match days. The World Cup games on FOX and FS1 are averaging 2,208,563 viewers, while Telemundo’s average is 2,048,063. Compared to the first five match days of Russia 2018, the viewing average for FOX Sports has increased from 2.1 million to 2.28 million but Telemundo’s average has decreased (from 2,192,083 for match day one through five) to the current 2.0 million. To date, World Cup games are averaging 4.2 million viewers per game ... Read more

Colombia-Poland scores 7.9 million viewers on FOX and Telemundo

Sunday’s exciting World Cup game between Colombia and Poland averaged 7.9 million viewers across FOX and Telemundo combined. With FOX televising the game via the over-the-air FOX network, which is in 116 million homes in the United States, the Colombia-Poland match averaged 4,384,000 viewers. That’s compared to the game on Telemundo, which averaged 3,540,000 viewers. Telemundo is in 65 million homes. Altogether, the Colombia-Poland game averaged 7,924,000 viewers. On FOX and the FOX Sports streaming services, Colombia’s 3-0 win over Poland drew 4,555,000 viewers. Meanwhile, Telemundo’s total audience delivery for the game was 3,780,000, which included television and streaming. Through ... Read more

Germany-Sweden tops 8.8 million on FOX and Telemundo combined

Saturday’s exciting World Cup match between Germany and Sweden was the most-watched English-Language soccer telecast since the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final on FOX (22,317,000 on FOX alone for the full telecast in 2015). The Germany-Sweden game averaged 5,397,000 viewers on FOX and 3,430,000 on Telemundo for a combined average of 8,827,000 viewers. For FOX Sports, peaking at 6,736,000 viewers, the German victory was the most-watched non-U.S. Men’s World Cup Group Stage match on English-language television since at least 1990. And it’s FOX’s most-watched FIFA World Cup day to date for the 2018 tournament. Plus boosted by the viewership for ... Read more

Whopping 11 million watch Mexico-Korea on Telemundo and FOX combined

Saturday’s World Cup encounter between Mexico and South Korea averaged more than 11 million viewers on US television across Telemundo and FOX combined. Mexico beat Korea Republic, 2-1, delivering 4,433,000 viewers across FOX, the second-most-watched match of this year’s tournament on FOX or FS1. Meanwhile, Telemundo averaged 6.6 million TV-only viewers for Mexico-South Korea in the two-hour match window and 6.02 million for the full coverage (10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. ET), ranking as the network’s second most-watched sporting event ever (behind last Sunday’s Mexico-Germany match) and the 9th most-watched World Cup match in Spanish-language history (393 matches through Saturday, including World ... Read more