WATCH BBC’s Promos For World Cup 2014 [VIDEO]

One of the traditions of every World Cup is when the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) releases its new advert, commercial or video for soccer’s biggest tournament.

This time around, BBC Sport has done not one but two World Cup promos with parts I and II following the adventures of Flick Football figures traveling to Brazil to experience what the World Cup is like.

What’s your opinion? Are the two videos below better than BBC’s 2010 World Cup promo video or the one from World Cup 2006? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

Mobile app users, watch the videos here and here.

3 thoughts on “WATCH BBC’s Promos For World Cup 2014 [VIDEO]”

  1. Disappointing effort from the normally reliable Beeb. It might be cliche but just give us a good soundtrack, a few shots of Rio mixed with previous World Cup highlights.

    1. Since BBC moved from London to the North of England for political reasons it has become an organisation in steep decline and had a major talent drain because all the talent wants to stay in London. This advert is a representation of this decline.

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