Will Newcastle Survive In The Premier League?

With the season fast approaching fans of Newcastle United will be wondering how their team will cope back in the top flight after a season away.

Peterborough United/Newcastle United Championship 03.04.10 Photo: Tim Parker Fotosports International Chris Hughton Newcastle manager during the game Photo via Newscom

Chris Hughton and Colin Calderwood did a fantastic job stabilising the club and leading them to promotion at the first attempt but have they got enough quality at their disposal to keep the ‘Toon Army’ in the Premier League. Personally I believe they do. The additions of Sol Campbell and Dan Gosling strengthen a squad which is already full of experienced Premier League players. Although a lot of these players underperformed the last time the club were in the Premiership they will be keen to put things right. Players like Alan Smith and Kevin Nolan are experienced professionals and will not want to suffer the heartache of relegation again. Add to that the quality of players like Jonás Gutiérrez and I can’t help but feel Newcastle will be ok.

The one area of the team that would concern me is their strike force. Ameobi, Carroll and Best are all relatively unproven at this level and I would not bet on any of them scoring more than 12 league goals during the season. Newcastle fans can relax though as I think there are three teams who will struggle more than them this campaign. Everyone on Tyneside will then hope that the club push on and establish themselves as one of the country’s top sides again. Do you think Newcastle have enough to survive?

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  1. i think we will do well i agree with your opinion of the strikerforce needs strengthening i think we should try and gget dos santos on loan from tottenham if they are not looking to give him considerable playin time

  2. I think it depends on our home form. The season we went down we threw away 4points at home in the last minutes of the match against Stoke (we were 2-0 and drew 2-2) and Wigan- if we had held on in just one of those games it would have been the difference as we would have stayed up! Contry to popular belief us Newcastle fans want 17th this season and anything higher would be a bonus rather than demanding Champions League and trophies which are probably decades away (if they ever come)! I just hope we can keep the stability that we had in the CCC rather than chopping and changing the manager every 5mins!!!

  3. To say Amoebi is “unproven at this level” is missing the 272 games he has either started or been sub. The majority of which were in the premier league or European cups (only one season in the championship). I would suggest that Amoebi “has never proved himself at this level” is more appropriate for him. That said his European record is not that bad.

  4. “Ameobi, Carroll and Best are all relatively unproven at this level ”

    10 years and Shola is still “relatively unproven at this level “? You sure about that?

    1. I think Andy’s point is that it to say Shola Ameobi is “unproven at this level” implies he’s never had a chance to prove himself at this level, when in fact the truth is that he has had the chance, but has simply failed to prove himself. Maybe Andy’s suggestion of saying “has not been proved” is no nearer the truth either, but I see what he’s getting at.
      I think the fairer way to say it is that “Best and Carrol are unproven at this level, whereas Shola Ameobi has proven that he is not a decent Premier League striker.” It’s more accurate, but also a lot wordier.

  5. Totally agree with the striking force comments. One thing on our side this season is that the whole club has something to prove. Veterans are looking to prove that they belong in the EPL, Hughton is looking to prove that he can manage at the top, and with the young lads they are looking to prove that they can preform in top flight football. HOLY SH** IM EXCITED!!!!!

  6. i canny excited to be fair cant wait to see what team we chuck out against man u !! itll be good to see some of the youngsters get a few games in this season and play well !!

  7. We won’t sign a striker, we have six at the club and even then xisco has been playing on the wing, Caroll will be expected to get the goals and be the big man up front, him and Lovenkrands had a good partnership last season. Not a fan of Leon Best, but hes had a decent pre-season, just like Xisco, while we have the 6 no one else will come in.

    Ameobi 30 goals this season 😀

  8. I was so excited about the Gosling signing, I thought my Newcastle had finally figured out they needed to stop signing old fat slow overpriced “name” players and sign young hungry developing players. But then they go and sign “fat belly” Sol Campbell and remind us all how stupid they are.

    Seriously though Newcastle will stay up. Amoebi and Carroll are quality.

    1. To be fair, he was on his wedding and honeymoon and hasnt trained over summer, he was in same shape when he went back to Arsenal (even worse) and he ended up being effective and a champions league player. I don’t see anyone complaining at how much weight Danny Guthrie has put on since returning for pre-season.

  9. Probably not.

    With so little difference between the squad strength of the dozen clubs at the bottom level, coaching will make the difference. Despite his success in the Championship, Chris Hughton has previously pretty much proven he doesn’t have the player-leadership and game-day tactical skills to compete in the Premiership. He should go before its too late but he’s earned the loyalty of Newcastle fans and Mike Ashley probably won’t have the stomache to go against them again.

    1. If I could have it my way I’d have Donovan, Ronaldinho, De Rossi and Fabiano, but Newcastle are trying to wipe out their debt over the next few years, put on top of that the fact we’re basically a selling club at the moment, part of the reason behind getting Gosling is that he is a young England star and Ashley would like to make a profit off that when the big clubs come knocking after he gets game time at Newcastle.

  10. Although unproven at this level, I think Carroll could be a break-out player this season. He seems to have all the great qualities of a world-class striker bar experience.

    I really do hope Newcastle do well this season. Although they’re not the club I support, I’ve always had a sweet spot for ’em.

  11. I might be a bit biased because I’m a Newcastle fan myself, but I do believe they can stay up. They got 102 points in the Championship last year, and hopefully they’ve got themselves into a winning mentality.

  12. Personally i think newcastle are playing exceptionally well against those teams in the ”Coca Cola Championship” Infact Each game the ratio from newcastle to the opponent is 4:1, They are incredible, I think they’ll surive, They shouldn’t fear teams such as Manchester (As Jose Enrique said) But be prepared.

    So get out the Newcastle and make some fans cheer

  13. I think given recent form there is little chance of relegation but a good chance of making the UEFA cup qualification. A mid-table finish is the most likely outcome. Andrew Carrol will quickly become one of the most feared strikers in the league. His combination of a strong running game, fearsome strike and heading abilities and ranging height will earn him a call up for England sooner or later.

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