2009-10 Best Premier League Podcasts, TV and Radio Coverage

Martin Tyler, Best EPL TV Commentator

The 2009-2010 EPL Awards have concluded. And more than 58,000 of you have voted to pick the best EPL-related TV, radio and podcast shows. We as supporters of Premier League clubs consume massive amounts of media – whether it’s matches on television, listening to radio programmes or tuning in to our favorite English football podcasts. So here are the winners of each category according to you, the voters:

2009-10 Best EPL TV Commentator

  • Best EPL TV Commentator: Martin Tyler
  • Runner-up: Jon Champion
  • Editor’s Choice: Martin Tyler

2009-10 Best EPL TV Co-Commentator

  • Best EPL TV Co-Commentator: Andy Gray
  • Runner-up: David Pleat
  • Editor’s Choice: Robbie Earle

2009-10 Best EPL TV Presenter

  • Best EPL TV Presenter: Jeff Stelling
  • Runner-up: Gary Lineker
  • Editor’s Choice: Paul Dempsey

2009-10 Best EPL TV Pundit

  • Best EPL TV Pundit: Pat Dolan
  • Runner-up: Chris Kamara
  • Editor’s Choice: Bobby McMahon

2009-10 Best EPL TV Feature Show

  • Best EPL TV Feature Show: Football Focus
  • Runner-up: Soccer AM
  • Editor’s Choice: Football Focus

2009-10 Best EPL Goal Highlights Show

  • Best EPL Goal Highlights Show: Match Of The Day
  • Runner-up: Match Of The Day 2
  • Editor’s Choice: Match Of The Day

2009-10 Best EPL Radio Show

  • Best EPL Radio Show: World Football Phone-In
  • Runner-up: 606 Football Phone-In
  • Editor’s Choice: World Football Phone-In

2009-10 Best EPL Podcast

  • Best EPL Podcast: The Football Ramble
  • Runner-up: Football Weekly
  • Editor’s Choice: Football Weekly

2009-10 Best EPL Club Podcast

  • Best EPL Club Podcast: RedCafe.net
  • Runner-up: ArseCast
  • Editor’s Choice: The Spurs Show

2009-10 Best EPL Podcast Presenter

  • Best EPL Podcast Presenter: Phil Cornwell
  • Runner-up: James Richardson
  • Editor’s Choice: James Richardson

2009-10 Best EPL Podcast Pundit

  • Best EPL Podcast Pundit: Barry Glendenning
  • Runner-up: Raphael Honigstein
  • Editor’s Choice: Barry Glendenning

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who voted.

3 thoughts on “2009-10 Best Premier League Podcasts, TV and Radio Coverage”

      1. Best Football Coverage – BBC Five Live – Pre-match commentary, match commentary, and post match. (not even close).
        Best Football Podcast – BBC Five Live Football Daily
        All-time best Football commentator – Barry Davies

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