PFA Premier League Team of the Year

Along with their announcement of their Player of the Year (Cristiano Ronaldo) and Young Player of the Year (Cesc Fàbregas), the PFA announced their Premier League Team of the Year yesterday. For once, I have no real issue with any of the selections made; I think the players did a good job with this and full credit to them for it. To be honest, my Premiership XI looks exactly the same with one exception: Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher ahead of Rio Ferdinand at center back.

GK: David James (Portsmouth)
RB: Bacary Sagna (Arsenal)
LB: Gaël Clichy (Arsenal)
CB: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)
CB: Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United)
RMF: Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
LMF: Ashley Young (Aston Villa)
CMF: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
CMF: Cesc Fàbregas (Arsenal)
ST: Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal)
ST: Fernando Torres (Liverpool)

A couple quick observations:

• I would’ve liked to have seen a true defensive midfielder on this team rather than two attacking central midfielders in Gerrard and Fabregas. You can’t deny that either of those two guys have had great seasons, but it would’ve been nice to see either Javier Mascherano or Mathieu Flamini in there. The role they play is one that isn’t sexy; it doesn’t get a lot of recognition from the casual fan, but it is critical to winning.

• It’s interesting that Chelsea, who is tied on points with Manchester United on top of the table, didn’t get one representative in this team, and even Arsenal got one more player (four) than United (three).

• As you all can probably guess, I’m ecstatic to see Ashley Young here. He has had an absolutely fantastic season for Aston Villa and has surely played his way into the England starting lineup for years to come.

22 thoughts on “PFA Premier League Team of the Year”

  1. year after year this team is a joke. The balloting takes place earlier in the year and so the in-form late season team (chelsea, this year) always gets screwed.

  2. I don’t have too many qualms about that team. I agree with Kartik about the voting process, though I don’t know what Chelsea player has really played at that level all season. Maybe Essien, but I don’t think he deserves to be top two.

    My only switch would be Mascherano over Gerrard. Gerrard makes great individual plays, but it evens out by him disappearing often and turning the ball over numerous times. Mascherano was a revelation this season, even if it takes a non-Englishman to recognize his true value.

  3. Kartik, its the team of the year not the season i believe just like world player of the year i guess…whether that is right or wrong well.. especially for

    Looks about right

  4. I Agree With Them All Except Fabregas And Adebyor I Mean What Has Fabregas Done To Be Honest Adebyor Crap At The End Of The Season ……… Not Consistent

  5. sean shimmin are you on crack? cesc and adebayorhad great seasons. did you see ades secdond half hat trick, no consistency. what are you on? cesc aswell had a great season showed loads of maturity and played well in every game, especially against ac millan. good team overall.

  6. Yeah this team rocks!
    especially since more arsenal then man u…
    yeah flamini would have been good

    but even i can see hat trick against derby…is…not that great…
    isn’t derby on like 11 points? out of a possible…114…gg derby..go back down one

  7. oh yeah good point…

    go adebayor..what a legend..but still…

    he’s no henry…oh and poor barcelona…what a strike from scholes…maybe he should be in this team lolz

  8. go through the stats.. fabregas is currently sitting on 19 score assists, more than any other premier league player. and how can adebayor not be consistent? he was the most consistent scorer other than torres and ronaldo who are also in the team so no arguments from me. great team selection

  9. It’s an excellent team to be honest..I’m just happy to see more Arsenal players then any other top 4 teams in the BPL..what a great season for all Arsenal players..although it MAY end without any trophies..Adebayor is going to be like Henry in seasons to come, if not better.. u watch my words and see..
    I’m Arsenal till I die…

  10. I know I’m biased being a Blackburn fan. But I’d be interested in seeing how Brad Friedel and Roque Santa Cruz would have figured in this team had they been playing in the top four… Hmm…

  11. It’s PFA Premier League Team of the Year, it’s bound to be a dream team. But, will it works?! There’s another question. For instance 4-4-2 is an obselete formation, i mean arsenal almost play their entire season with only Ade upfront(especially in the Champions Leauge). Liverpool is more balance with a 4-3-3/4-3-2-1. Chelsea has been playing a one man show upfront eversince the Mourinho era. And ManU this season with it’s “tridente”. And as for the player pick; Ronaldo, i think he only works for ManU. Not just because of the style of play that he-Rooney-Tevez has been playing all season. Also, because only ManU (or should I say Sir Alex) can cope with that amount of ego. Have u seen the way that he act on the pitch? I’m not saying that Ronaldo is not a good team player. All I’m saying I demand to see a more positive attitude from him. Bollocks to all the drama queen. I’ve a couple of disagreement on the GK. How in the world that Cech’s name didn’t end up in there. I think he’s the main reason that Chelsea is still in the running for the EPL Trophy. And on the striker part. Ade n Torres plays the same position, that is a main striker with supports from 2nd striker, a midfielder, or a winger. Maybe an introduction of flamini/mascherano/ makelele as a holding midfielder with gerrard more upfront, or hleb/lampard with gerrard working more central, or a 2nd striker accompanying the main striker such as rooney/kuyt.

  12. why is clichy at left back and not evra ?
    What about adebayor up front he was crap for the hole end of the season. why isnt rooney in there ? really poor team of the year for me

  13. I think they shud think ov a betta goalie, also i think adebayor upfront is a mistake besides the fact that i like arsenal i think their are better strikers than him


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