In contrast to the men’s team’s never-ending misery, Barcelona Femeni have emerged as a shining example of brilliance. In their most recent 2-0 victory against Lyon, the women’s squad won the UEFA Women’s Champions League for the third time in six years.

This was their fourth overall final appearance.

After winning Liga F, the Copa de la Reina, and the Spanish Super Cup, this triumph completes their unprecedented quadruple. Several players have played crucial roles, including Aitana Bonmati and Alexia Putellas. The former scored the winning goal in the final, while the latter added an additional goal to seal the victory.

What makes Barcelona women’s team better than men’s?

When Pep Guardiola’s men’s squad was ruling the world, Barca Femeni started making serious investments and implementing strategic development tactics. Ultimately, it led to their success.

The women’s squad has gone from strength to strength while the men’s has gone downhill in terms of form and financial security. Truly, it has gone from being an amateur club to becoming one of Europe’s top teams.

Contrarily, the Barcelona men’s squad has had a terrible run of luck during the last decade. Since club icon Lionel Messi left due to financial mismanagement, they have struggled mightily to compete at the top level. Although they previously won the Champions League in 2015, the men’s squad has failed to replicate their 2015 level of play. They have made it to only one semi-final ever since.

Fans and analysts have long observed the glaring difference between the men’s and women’s squads. Despite the controversy surrounding the men’s squad, they might find some solace in the ongoing success of Barcelona Femeni.

Messi joins in the celebrations
Messi joins in the celebrations

Messi joins in the celebrations

Messi joins in on celebrations

Notable personalities including Lionel Messi have sent public congratulations to the women’s squad, praising their outstanding accomplishments. Even though he lives over 8,000 kilometers away from his beloved team, the Argentine maintains a careful watch on his ex-side.

The 36-year-old wanted to congratulate the players immediately after their third Champions League title. Along with a shot of the Barca players holding the trophy, the superstar commented, “Congratulations Champions!!!!” on his Instagram stories.

The women’s squad may never stop winning, but the club’s financial problems might spell disaster for them. Because of how interdependent Barcelona’s financial ecology is, the women’s squad may feel the effects; especially, of the men’s club’s extreme financial limitations.

Failure to comply with La Liga‘s financial standards is a major obstacle. In fact, it might affect the club’s finances in every way. But Barca Femeni have kept their winning streak going because of savvy management and investments, even if the club has been financially suffering overall.

Still, the club’s leadership will need to be financially committed and diligent if they want to maintain this level of supremacy. A fair strategy is required to keep the women’s squad out of the bigger financial problems plaguing the organization because of how intertwined the economics are.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Bildbyran