There was no doubt that Lionel Messi would find success and be a hit in MLS with Inter Miami. However, his arrival at Inter Miami has transformed the club’s fortunes in ways that few could have predicted.

The Argentine superstar has had a profound impact on a squad that was previously struggling to establish itself in MLS; as a result, the team is now recording unbelievable figures and exciting the soccer world.

Inter Miami’s performance this season stands in stark contrast to their struggles last year. It took them until week 29 in September to amass 31 points, a tally they have already achieved much earlier this year.

This year, it took them only fifteen games to accomplish that. Thus far, they have a record of nine victories, four draws, and just two losses. This dramatic improvement highlights the transformative effect Messi has had on the team’s dynamics and performance.

The Herons currently sit 16 points ahead of their standings at this same point last season. This leap in the standings is not just a statistical fluke but a testament to the consistency and high level of play Messi brings to the pitch. His presence has galvanized the team, fostering a winning mentality that has propelled them up the table.

Unbeaten streak in turnaround season

A significant part of Miami’s success can be attributed to their offensive firepower, particularly when the Argentine is on the field. The team averages an impressive 2.2 goals per game with Messi in the lineup. Despite sitting out five league games because of injuries and fatigue, the veteran has played in ten overall.

This statistic underscores Messi’s critical role in not only scoring goals himself but also creating opportunities for his teammates. His vision, passing accuracy, and ability to draw defenders have opened up spaces for other players to exploit, resulting in a more potent attack.

In addition, Tata Martino’s side is currently on a remarkable nine-game unbeaten streak; their last defeat came on March 23 against the New York Red Bulls. Thanks to their recent streak, they have been able to gain ground on their opponents and keep hold of the Eastern Conference top spot.

The 36-year-old has greatly improved his squad’s attitude and performance, as seen by their resilience and ability to avoid defeats; even in closely fought contests, and with him on the field.

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Copa America for Messi presents a challenge to Inter Miami success

As Inter Miami continues to surge in MLS, there are looming challenges on the horizon. Messi is scheduled to show up in Miami on June 3 for the Copa America preparations. Depending on how far Argentina goes in the competition, Inter Miami might be without their star player for as many as seven MLS games.

Without their best player, the squad will face a critical test at this time. Considering this is probably Messi’s last tournament, the Copa America is sure to be an emotional affair. He has a legendary career behind him, and he will surely divide his time between Inter Miami and his national team; the latter is where he hopes to win another big international prize.

For Inter Miami, this means they must find a way to cope in his absence, relying on the depth and cohesion that has been built during his time with the team.

With potentially three more games before the superstar departs for Copa America, Inter Miami has a brief window to capitalize on his presence and secure as many points as possible. These games will be critical in maintaining their momentum and solidifying their position in the standings.

Tata Martino will surely need to strategize effectively to navigate the challenges of the upcoming fixtures without his star player. This could involve rotating the squad to keep key players fresh and tweaking tactics to adapt to Messi’s absence. Or perhaps relying more heavily on other experienced players like Luis Suarez to step up.