The time away from Camp Nou during renovation has undoubtedly had a huge impact on Barcelona. It would have been ideal for their path ahead in the UEFA Champions League. However, the Estadi Olimpic, which can accommodate 50,000+ spectators, looked like a perfect enough substitute.

But Barcelona‘s finances have taken a major blow, and their results have been disappointing. To make matters worse, few fans are willing to drive the additional 6km to see the games.

As we approach November, the anticipation is growing for the opening of the new Camp Nou stadium. After much deliberation, they decided to move back into the stadium this fall. This is to mark the club’s 125th anniversary, which will fall on November 29, 2024.

Since last summer, construction and reconstruction activities have been continuously proceeding. And for now, completion is still on schedule, which is great news for the club. 

Everything is moving along swimmingly, and the Blaugrana have just received some more encouragement. Mundo Deportivo reports that the Barcelona City Council has authorized work, Monday through Friday, after 8:00 PM. The deadline has been pushed back to midnight without the use of any noise-making equipment.

Aside from that, the stadium workers may now legally work on Saturdays in March. As a result, the club’s due dates should be satisfied. The first team would go back to their home as soon as possible if this were to happen, however, November is still the official return date. 

Patience is key in Camp Nou renovation

When Barcelona initially considers returning, they want to have a stadium that can hold no more than 60,000 spectators. Nevertheless, there are more subscribers than seats available in the first phase; the overall number of subscribers stands at 80,000. 

According to the source, the club would have to hold off until June 2026 to get Camp Nou back to full capacity. Notably, with an anticipated capacity of over 105,000, the revamped Camp Nou will rank among the world’s biggest soccer stadiums. 

However, it seems like the Catalans will have to be patient before they can expect their stadium to be filled on matchdays. At the moment, they are asking members to choose their seats or indicate whether they would want to switch seats as part of a seating study. Many see this as the club’s first move toward reclaiming Camp Nou.

Another look at the new stadium

In the most recent edition of Barca Magazine, the Catalan club unveiled some stunning virtual renderings of the renovated Camp Nou. According to the club, the bleacher chairs will have a special touch thanks to a Barca gradient dye job. 

Then, they will use hydraulic jacks to raise the cover with wires extending from the ground over the stands. In addition, the new roof’s “skywalk” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It’s a walkway that extends 70 meters above ground and provides spectacular views of the stadium and Barcelona below.