Point deductions put Everton in a precarious position, but the club seems to think they have found the perfect manager to keep them out of danger.

Sean Dyche was let go by Burnley almost two years ago as he was in the midst of their fight to avoid relegation from the Premier League. Whatever wounds it may have caused, Dyche shows no signs of them.

This is the eighth relegation fight in the Premier League that the Everton manager has been a part of. In fact, he has been consistently phlegmatic throughout.

Despite the club’s one victory in fifteen games, there seems to be little chance of a management change. That’s even if he is under pressure to produce results during one of the most significant weeks in the club’s recent history.

What does future for Sean Duyche hold?

During Farhad Moshiri’s tenure as the main shareholder, there has been widespread management anarchy.

Dyche is the ninth manager to take charge of Everton in the last eight years; a number of his predecessors’ disastrous tenures had fans feeling certain that a change was in need.

Following sluggish performances in January against West Ham, Southampton, and Brighton, Dyche’s predecessor Frank Lampard departed.

After a little over a year in charge, Lampard was gone; he lasted almost twice as long as Rafa Benitez. The Spaniard’s own turbulent tenure came to an end with Norwich City’s loss, which the Blues suffered at the foot of the league.

Thus, despite Dyche’s many unanswered issues, there is no desire for a management shakeup at Goodison Park. One positive development of the Toffees’ poor run is that they are still not in the relegation zone. Then there’s the matter of finding the right coach, as per i News.

As the team resume their survival battle, Dyche has assured his players that he would not be held responsible if they fail to meet expectations. The Blues manager met with his team to discuss how to improve after a disastrous performance against Chelsea. Apparently, he acknowledged it was “miles” below his expectations.

Sean Dyche did not wear a suit when he side faced Nottingham Forest
Sean Dyche did not wear a suit when he side faced Nottingham Forest

Sean Dyche did not wear a suit when he side faced Nottingham Forest

What did Sean Dyche say?

Dyche said that the topic of managers coming and going over the last several years came up during the meeting. He advised the players that if they wanted to bring about another change for the better. “I’m not that guy, I’m staying. I’m fighting”, he said at a press conference.

“It’s a fair question – and I have absolutely gone through this with the players. Is it now just a cycle that the club is in? Every year you want a new manager, you get a new manager, you get a bounce then six months later it’s: ‘Boo! We want him out!’ and you just keep doing that? Is that where we are at? I don’t mind telling you this because people want the truth.

“After Monday I said to them: ‘Is it that time of year again when you just want an easy life where you get a new manager in, you get a new manager bounce and everyone says hurrah?’ I said: ‘Lads, I’m not that guy. I’m staying. I’m fighting.’ If you want that to happen, you help yourselves.

“If the fans want that to happen, so be it. I’m fighting. I’m not blaming anyone. I’ve never done that in my career and I’m not going to start now. I know the truth of what I am trying to manage here. And it is a lot. But I am up to it. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it.”

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