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Football Economics: Families and Loyalty The Key To Championship Season Ticket Prices

Posted on by Kristian Downer

Last week ChampionshipTalk published research on the average cost of a season ticket in the NPower Championship. Further research shows that the headline figures hide the complex ticket pricing strategies employed by clubs can mean that determining how much the person … Continue reading

An Open Letter — Farewell To Norwich, QPR and Swansea

Posted on by Kristian Downer

Like parents watching their children grow up and leave the house for the first time it is with great pride, joy and a tinge of sadness that ChampionshipTalk must we say goodbye to the promoted sides from the Championship.

It is time to say farewell to Norwich, QPR and Swansea, as these teams can now proudly call themselves residents of the Premier League.

We would like to leave you with our best wishes and some friendly advice on what to expect in the next 12 months to help make sure you do not return with your pockets empty and tail between your legs. Continue reading

Why FIFA Must Tread Carefully When Merging Football With Technology

Posted on by Kristian Downer

The contrasting World Cup fortunes of Frank Lampard and Carlos Tevez have inadvertently re-opened up the debate around the use of video technology at the highest level of the game. In the space of one day of the World Cup both Frank … Continue reading

World Cup South Africa 2010 – Is this the Year of the Underdog?

Posted on by Kristian Downer

As the final whistle shrieked like a gunshot into the eardrums of the Italians and sent the Slovakians into delirious celebrations in Johannesburg, the second giant killing of the tournament sent goose bumps down the spines of the millions, if … Continue reading

The BBC's England World Cup Rallying Cry

Posted on by Kristian Downer

The offices, factories and roads of England will fall silent at 3pm GMT today as virtually the entire population pause to watch the national sides final group game of the World Cup. The nation will collectively hold its breath once … Continue reading

The World Cup Summary Week One- How Is Your Team Doing?

Posted on by Kristian Downer

So the World Cup is now a week old, every team has played at least once. It is now becoming clear whether your team was a sound bet or as dodgy as a Northern Rock balance sheet. There have already been … Continue reading

South Africa 2010 World Cup Bingo/Drinking Game

Posted on by Kristian Downer

The World Cup is here; there is nothing better than watching the games with friends, having a few drinks and watching a game of football.  In case the football is not quite enough on it’s own to entertain you, this … Continue reading

The 7 Players Fabio Capello Should Drop From England's World Cup Squad

Posted on by Kristian Downer

Well the 30 players named in Fabio Capello’s England squad have had multiple trainng sessions and two games to earn their place on the plane to South Africa. Now is the time that this squad must be trimmed to 23 … Continue reading

Download the Free EPL Talk Toolbar

Posted on by Kristian Downer

The World Cup is agonizingly close, I seem to be spending all my time thinking, reading, or talking about it. However with all of the different news, blog, and sport sites available on the internet, sifting through the pile for … Continue reading