Transition for Chelsea, City, United, Arsenal…etc. (EPL Talk Weekend Review)

After a week of controversy and covering-backsides the EPL got back to business and it was nice to see. It is hard to over-estimate the significance of these results in the season as teams still feel like there is so much ahead of them and still a mixed record behind them.

Christmas is the time to set things right and this weekend seems to have set that up quite nicely. Stamford Bridge saw our featured game please Johnson and co. as they walked away with a victory, but we assess how hollow that might feel in the long-term as Chelsea are still making progress and finding out more with each game.

Arsenal get their assessment too, can we compare their season to that of Liverpool or United? When we do are they actually compared quite favourably? Give us your feedback as RVP strikes again.

United plod on, but they don’t look like the dynamic and inventive team who started the season. The strange thing is that no one seems to care; their neighbours are making far too much noise for that. Mancini is breaking out the scarf and City fans are cooling the Champagne as they seem to be the only team with a good history and a bright future in the league.

Finally, the pod pays tribute to David Beckham and his achievements in the MLS, what has changed in football in that time? Was he lucky or significant in that change?

Tweet along with the podcast and give us your views for the next show, as we enter the international break this is a great time to look at the league and see who is going up or breaking down:

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3 thoughts on “Transition for Chelsea, City, United, Arsenal…etc. (EPL Talk Weekend Review)”

  1. Bang on with your comment on Martin Tyler. There’s something amateurish when you hear an American commenting versus someone from England (or Scotland).

    I think it also helped that people were inadvertently familiar with Tyler due to FIFA .

  2. I love what Kris has to say during these podcasts but the quality of his connection makes it difficult at times to hear him :(

  3. I really enjoyed hearing the debate tonight.  The new guy might not be able to hide his bias as well as the others.  
    He is ManU suppoter. And I thought it was pretty funny that he didn’t know a Newcastle fan was on the line.   He made a comment about Newcastle fans that I agreed with — that their supporters where hating Pardew at the beginning of the season and what do they think now.   Christian did not answer that question but then he made the comment that he felt less threatened going to Old Trafford than he did the Eastlands.   That had to bug the new guy a bit.  

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