If you’re looking for the Gold Cup TV schedule for fans in the United States, you’ve come to the right place.

Gold Cup TV schedule

The 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup will be televised live across FOX Sports (English-language) and Univision (Spanish-language). All matches will also be streamed live across a variety of legal streaming services such as fubo Premier, Sling TV, FOX Sports GO and FOX Soccer 2GO.

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Competition: FA Cup
Rights owner: FOX Sports
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Here’s the Gold Cup TV schedule (all times Eastern):

Gold Cup TV schedule

Last updated: May 1, 2017


Friday, July 7

French Guiana vs. Canada, 7pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

Honduras vs. Costa Rica, 9:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Saturday, July 8

USA vs. Panama, 4:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

Martinique vs. Nicaragua, 7pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Sunday, July 9

Mexico vs. El Salvador, 7pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

Curacao vs. Jamaica, 9:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Tuesday, July 11

Costa Rica vs. Canada, 7:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

Honduras vs. French Guiana, 10pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Wednesday, July 12

Panama vs. Nicaragua, 6:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

USA vs. Martinique, 9pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Thursday, July 13

El Salvador vs. Jamaica, 8pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

Mexico vs. Curacao, 10:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Friday, July 14

Costa Rica vs. French Guiana, 7:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

Canada vs. Honduras, 10pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Saturday, July 15

Panama vs. Martinique, 4:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

Nicaragua vs. USA, 7pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Sunday, July 16

El Salvador vs. Curacao, 6pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

Jamaica vs. Mexico, 8:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Wednesday, July 19

TBD vs. TBD (quarterfinal), 6pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

TBD vs. TBD (quarterfinal), 9pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Thursday, July 20

TBD vs. TBD (quarterfinal), 7:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]

TBD vs. TBD (quarterfinal), 10:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Saturday, July 22

TBD vs. TBD (semi-final), 10pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Sunday, July 23

TBD vs. TBD (semi-final), 9pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


Wednesday, July 26

TBD vs. TBD (final), 9:30pm, TV TBD [TICKETS]


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