3 reasons for Aston Villa supporters to be optimistic if they’re relegated


With no FA Cup this weekend and coming off the back of a 6 nil drubbing against Liverpool in the Premier League, Aston Villa’s shockingly bad season continues to roll on and relegation seems inevitable.

Eight points separate them from the rest of the trailing pack and points are urgently needed if the Villa are to perform the greatest escape.

For Aston Villa fans, It’s been a spectacular slide from the brink of Champions League qualification to continuous battles with survival.

After last week’s defeat, the fans have said “enough is enough” and with protests against the board on the horizon, we all know the club is in need of a full makeover. If relegation is the answer, then as an Aston Villa supporter, I welcome the chance to leave the top flight of English football.

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Many clubs have dropped out of the Premier League and never returned. The likes of Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday and Coventry City come to mind, but we have to take note of the select few that have returned and established themselves as solid Premier League clubs. Teams such as Southampton and Leicester City both dropped down to the third tier and, after significant changes in the board room and playing personnel, they climbed back up bigger and stronger. And now they’re in the top half of the Premier League.

Pundits, ex-players and numerous sports writers have tried to put a pin on the problem at Villa but the solution seems very plausible. Aston Villa need a new owner, board and players. I know it’s easy for the fans to sit back and say, “change this and change that” but the whole business itself is like a worn-out old car that’s been sat in the scrap yard waiting to be crushed. The engine needs new oil, the body needs a new paint and a sensible driver is required at the wheel who will guide the club back to safety. If this means dropping further down the leagues, then I welcome the opportunity for the club to be sold and new players who actually want to play for the club.

Darker days are around the corner and the fans will have a to endure a few more years of misery and frustration, but Aston Villa is a big club with buying appeal. They have a Premier League-level stadium, their own training complex, a world-wide fan base and history. All these essential assets give Villa a good marketing platform for any potential investor. No doubts there will be a point in the future where the right businessman will come along and take a chance on the club, hopefully guiding the club into the right direction.

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