Liverpool Agrees £16million Deal to Sign Mario Balotelli On 5-Year Contract

Liverpool has secured a £16million deal to sign striker Mario Balotelli, the striker will sign a five-year contract with the English club.

The player’s agent, Mino Raiola, flew to England last night to negotiate the contract with last season’s Premier League runners-up.

During his last training session with the club, Balotelli informed teammates that it was to be his “last day in Milan.”

An announcement from both clubs is imminent.

The surprise move for the controversial Italian forward will raise eyebrows with some around the soccer world. But it appears that Brendan Rodgers still has concerns over his club’s ability to score regularly following the departure of Luis Suarez to Barcelona.

Rodgers has been looking for an additional striker to play alongside Daniel Sturridge in recent weeks. Liverpool had expressed an interest in AS Monaco striker Radamel Falcao and former Chelsea goalscorer Samuel Eto’o, but the French club believe their player’s future lies in Madrid. Eto’o would have been a stop-gap signing because of his age.

Despite recently insisting that he had “no interest” in Balotelli and holding reservations about the forward’s attitude and character, Rodgers must be comfortable with what he has learned about the former Manchester City player; enough so that he thinks the player’s addition will not disrupt what he has built at Anfield over the past few seasons.

Balotelli’s three seasons with Manchester City were blighted by a number of infamous events, most notably his training ground dust-up with former manager Roberto Mancini. The Italy international also clashed with his teammates and was involved in some head scratching off-the-field incidents. He was accused of throwing a dart at a youth-team player and set off fireworks in his own bathroom.

The 24-year-old started his professional football career with the Italian side Lumezzane in 2001. Shortly after his debut with the first team, Balotelli had an unsuccessful trial with Barcelona. He would later sign for Inter Milan.

It was Roberto Mancini who introduced the 6’2″ striker to the club’s first team, but when the Italian boss left his position at Inter, Balotelli’s discipline began to wane.

The player clashed with new manager Jose Mourinho, who at one point branded Balotelli “unmanageable”. The Portuguese boss suspended the striker in January 2009 after a number of disciplinary issues.

Balotelli joined Manchester City in August 2010 and would end up making 54 appearances while scoring 20 goals with the Premier League club. Despite his enigmatic and unpredictable performances (and off-the-field activities), the striker was a key figure during the club’s Premier League title winning season of 2011-12.

In January 2013, Balotelli signed a four-and-a-half year deal with AC Milan. The hope being that a return to Italy would be just what the player needed. Since then, the striker has made 43 appearances while scoring 26 goals and was named to the Serie A Team of the Year.

“Super Mario” has also been a member of the Italian national team senior squad since 2010. Since his introduction to the first team, he has made 33 appearances and scored 13 times for the Azzurri.

28 thoughts on “Liverpool Agrees £16million Deal to Sign Mario Balotelli On 5-Year Contract”

  1. Stupidest transfer of the summer. Everyone knows this will end in tears. They get rid of one disruptive influence and replace him with another. A big slap in the face for Sturridge too. Hardly a vote of confidence. More evidence of Rodgers dart throwing transfer strategy.

    1. Smokey, there is no way this is a slap in the face of Sturridge. It is not news to him or anyone else that Liverpool needed another top-level striker. Plenty of matches to go around this season. How Rodgers manages him and the balancing act of playing time for all of them will be interesting.

      Liverpool just got a world-class talent at a bargain bin price. Sure, there’s a risk, but in my opinion it’s a risk well worth taking.

    2. Slap in the face? Just like signing Negredo was a slap in the face to Aguero, RVP was to Rooney, Drogba to Costa, Costa to Torres (actually it was, forgive my dig at Fernando).

  2. Okay pool fans tell me where this clown has gone where it did not end in a dumpster fire.What a fricking joke enjoy the circus.

  3. So is WST the first to report a “Done Deal”, because every other reputable outlet is reporting on-going talks, and we know how those can end up.

    1. This site may not be “reputable”, but they’re right. Milan’s website just posted that Balotelli left training and said goodbye to everyone.

      1. Thanks, Glen.

        Actually, the Gaffer and I always go over the transfer stuff before it gets posted. We talk about the speculation and where it is coming from.

        I think he and I have been pretty good recently. We’ve gotten a few right before the big outlets picked up on them. We definitely have a better transfer rumor accuracy than the Sun, Star, Express, Mail and Mirror.

        There’s one that’s been sitting in the “drafts” for almost a week. I’m just waiting on more clarification from the clubs.

  4. I don’t get why everyone so down on the deal. I’m saying as a United fan this is an incredibly good deal for ridiculously reasonable fee for a good striker.
    Liverpool play a 2 Striker formation and Balotelli and Sturridge sounds like a good partnership with them both having differing skill sets.
    All it takes is a good manager to screw your head on right and Rodgers has done that with Suarez.
    Balotelli + Sturridge with Coutinho and Sterling threading through balls. That sounds extremely good and Balotelli will score.
    Liverpool needed a Striker because Sturridge and Lambert weren’t enough for a 38 game season plus the UCL. Balotelli eases a lot of pressure on Sturridge.
    This is an impressive deal. I don’t like Stevie G very much he can definitely look after Mario. Brendan will certainly get his head on straight.
    I’ll definitely entertain the possibility this all goes pear shaped but for 16.5 million pounds Mario Balotelli is way to talented.
    I hope he does well for Liverpool.

      1. Because you agree with it your so open minded. Like i said where has the clown gone where it did not end in a dumpster fire. Very easy please let me know.

        1. So you don’t think his comment was sensible?

          It has nothing to do with being open minded. He made several good points, unlike some of the comments above, including your own.

          He’s leaving Milan right now and not in the state of a dumpster fire, whatever that even means.

  5. Thank you Liverpool. Can’t wait to see how Balotelli, Sturridge and Gerrard’s personalities clash when the pressure is on.
    His style of play is sort of the opposite to Liverpool’s free-flowing style of football.

  6. There’s no doubting Balotelli’s ability. It’s the huge baggage he brings that is off-putting. Suarez had issues that was not disruptive to the squad. Yes, he was banned which hurt the team but his attitude and commitment to the team was never questioned and he showed it when he played. Balotelli can be a very disruptive force, having disagreements with managers and fighting with players. He can be lazy and disinterested during games. Add to that his off-field issues and you wonder if this isn’t a panic buy for Liverpool since their other targets haven’t materialized.

    1. Of course it’s a panic buy but at 16 million, it could be a bargain.

      Balotelli is a world class talent but he is a head case.

      Some of his tirades will melt with age but Rogers will have to push the limits of his man management skills to the limit: containing any distractions from the Italian’s off the field antics whilst blending in Balotelli’s mercurial nature with the philosophy and work ethic Rogers has already established at Anfeild.

  7. This is a good player. He is not great. but a solid 15 goal a season striker. good depth at a good price. the 16m is good but his salary will be about 175k/week gross. that is a lot of cash for him.

    LFC made a good signing. This is not the name they wanted when they began looking for strikers. but the higher quality are already at big clubs. No reason for them to join LFC. Who have never won the PL. and have only had 2 2nd place finishes in a decade.

    I think this addition firmly places LFC in the top 4 again. and keep United out of CL one more year.

    Over to you Ed.

  8. I understand this looks like a good deal financially and maybe it is worth the risk, but I think Mario’s history tells us it will be horribly disruptive. If Rodgers can make it work he will make Rasputin look like a two bit punk.

    If nothing else this gives us all a reason to watch every Liverpool match this season. Brilliant marketing! 😉

  9. Welcome back Mario. Ive missed you like the plague. I look forward to you causing all kinds of ridiculous distractions for a title rival’s team for a change.

    1. “Incredible how Balotelli held it together all season long and The Reds took the EPL and Champions League.”

      It’d be nice, that’s all I’m saying.

      1. I seem to recall him providing the assist on Aguero’s goal that brought home the championship on the final day in 2012. I’d gladly take that for Liverpool this year.

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