Toure Brother’s Relationship Put to the Test as Premier League Comes to a Close

Kolo Toure (top) and Yaya Toure (bottom) are brothers competing in the Premier League.

Sibling rivalry has taken a toll on brother’s Yaya and Kolo Toure’s relationship during the race for the Premier League according to Manchester City’s midfielder. Liverpool looked like a lock for the championship until their recent loss to Chelsea at home where they were shut out 2-0. While the Reds have two games left including a game tonight at Crystal Palace, the nine goal difference may prove to be too much for them and it has put pressure on the brother’s relationship, “Oh yes, it’s been really difficult. You can’t imagine how difficult,” said Toure to The Independent newspaper.

While they are not the first brothers to play in the Premier League at the same time this is a unique season with the lead of the League changing 23 times, a new record in the history of the Premier League.Arsenal has had the most time at the top of the League are likely to finish in fourth place, just an example of how much movement and twists the League has had all season. Even the Toure family has tried to remain fair to both players, “Your family have to try to be balanced – they are divided. Sport is unbelievable in that it can break hearts.”

Both brothers played for Manchester City from 2010 until Kolo transferred to Liverpool in 2013, and are used to competing with and against each other. Through the tension within the brothers Toure is focused on City’s upcoming home games and finishing the season strong, wanting to avoid similar drama from the 2011-2012 season where Manchester City basically won the League at the last play versus Queens Park Rangers, “But I don’t want to live through something like that again. We had QPR at home when it was almost too much for my heart. Going right to the last minute – it was unbelievable.

“I think the supporters would say like me that we don’t want to live through that again. I hope this time, in these two games, we can make a difference earlier and get the wins early.”

Although City is seeming like a lock to win the League, they are not discounting Chelsea or Liverpool for an upset, “But it’s still so tight – Liverpool still have a chance and so do Chelsea – they beat us twice, don’t forget. It’s going to be exciting.”

The last few games this week and weekend will most likely decide the winner as the top three teams are separated by one point, which has made for a most exciting Premiere League season.

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