Newcastle’s Alan Pardew Apologizes For Insulting Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini: Nightly Soccer Report

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has apologized for his foul-mouthed comment to Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini that was made in a heated match between both clubs earlier on Sunday.

Pardew called Pellegrini a f***ing old c***, which was caught on live TV.

“I hear my comments were picked up and I apologize for them 100%. In the heat of the moment we had words as we managers always have.

“I have apologized to him. And fortunately he’s accepted.”

Meanwhile, Pardew shined more light on how the match officials incorrectly disallowed Cheick Tiote’s goal against Manchester City:

“When I spoke to the referee he actually thought it had got deflected, which it hadn’t – it was a clean strike. It’s hard, it all happened so quickly, but a call like that is going to affect the game. It was all getting a little bit heated. It affected the players.”

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5 thoughts on “Newcastle’s Alan Pardew Apologizes For Insulting Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Stay classy, Pardew.

    I mean I assume this kind of language flows in a constant stream throughout games, usually directed at opposing players or the referee and/or his assistants (and the fourth official), but a manager saying it to the opposing manager is a different story.

    1. No. He said it directly into a camera. TV mic’s picking up on something in the technical area is a different story because they’re encroaching on the managers turf so to speak. Grabbing hold of a camera to swear into it (Rooney) is entirely different.

      If this hadn’t been picked up on camera, there would have been no apology made though. Don’t see why there should be either because you hear far worse things being shouted from on the pitch when you’re sat in the stands on a weekly basis.

  2. This isn’t Newcastle/Pardew’s first touch line meltdown this season, there was the Southampton incident too. Also, why would its be ok to sling that at an official either? It’s bad enough players do it to officials.

    Pardew has mugged himself off…again.

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