Name Calling Continues At Hull City As Owner Refuses to Back Down: Daily Soccer Report

It’s been a depressing 24 hours for Hull City supporters with it appearing likely that the club will change its name from Hull City AFC to Hull Tigers. Plus, on top of that, Hull City have reported loses of £28million in the last 12 months.

On November 1, Allam met with Hull City supporters. During the meeting, Dr. Allam promised not to change the name of the club until market research and consultation with fans has been completed.

However, Allam has again gone out on the attack (and has presumably ditched his promise to rely on market research) by stating that “most fans [are] behind [the] name change to Hull Tigers, and [the] vocal minority won’t sway [the] final decision.”

Here’s what the Hull City owner said this week:

“I honestly don’t know why a small group are making all this fuss.

“It’s up to me. Nobody in the world will decide for me how I run my companies, certainly not a few hundred people. No, no, no. I will not allow that. Let us establish this – nobody questions my decisions in my business.

“What the fans should be interested in – I will never change the color, I will never change the logo, I will never remove Hull, I will never remove Tigers.

“These words were there for many years. The color of the club, amber and black, is there. The logo is there. That’s for the fans and I will never change this without consulting the fans.”

Meanwhile, the City Till We Die Group plan on encouraging Hull City supporters to sing “City Till I Die” at 19.04 into games (to honor the name the club has had since 1904). Plus the supporters plan on  distributing thousands more ‘No To Hull Tigers’ badges and hundreds more ‘City Till We Die scarves,’ in addition to unveiling a 25-foot-wide City Till We Die flag at matches.

Hull City AFC are planning to announce shortly that the club lost £27.8million in the 12 months prior to July 31 this year.

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