Jose Mourinho Says Cardiff City Wasted Ticket Holders’ Money: Nightly Soccer Report

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho came out on the attack today against Cardiff City saying that the Welsh club wasted the money of people who paid for tickets to the Chelsea-Cardiff game from this past Saturday.

Mourinho said:

“If I was in that game and I was paying my ticket, I would be worried with the fact that every time the ball was out or stopped and our opponent had to put the ball back in the game, it took a median (average) of 21.5 seconds. That is a waste of money.

“When you multiply that by the number of times the game was stopped, you pay for 90 minutes but you see 55 or 60.

“For me, that’s breaking the rules.”

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6 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Says Cardiff City Wasted Ticket Holders’ Money: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. His Real Madrid , Porto, Inter and Chelsea teams all did the same especially in the big games.. ie v Barca and all his teams were renowned for having the worst divers, time wasters so he is full of SHI….. you know the rest.

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