‘We’ll See What I Can Do’ – Zlatan In a Bind Over Dying Kid’s Wish: Nightly Soccer Report

Despite yesterday’s report that Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic boarded a plane after Wednesday night’s UEFA Champions League win versus Benfica and headed to Sarajevo to grant a dying child’s wish to meet him, the press officer for PSG says that the report is not true and that Ibrahimovic did not fly to Sarajevo.

However, Ibrahimovic did say:

“I get these type of requests every week.

“The only difference now is that they have used media.

“We’ll see what I can do. I always try to make everyone happy. We’ll see what I can do for him. It’s sad. When everybody is happy I am happy.”

Zlatan, we’d be happy if you visited the child to make his wish come true. Make it happen, please!

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2 thoughts on “‘We’ll See What I Can Do’ – Zlatan In a Bind Over Dying Kid’s Wish: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. I hope the kid gets to meet him. Heck, I’d like to meet him. I guess it is a *little* crummy that they used the media to twist Zlatan’s arm, but if it were my kid that was dying….I’d probably be willing to use any underhanded tactic I could to make the kid’s dream come true.

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