Manchester United Inquest Begins After David Moyes Era Opens in Farce: Nightly Soccer Report

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8 thoughts on “Manchester United Inquest Begins After David Moyes Era Opens in Farce: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. No Sneijder, Herrera, Coentrão, Baines, Thiago, Fabregas; failed to get surplus from Madrid: Ožil, Modric, even Kaká.

    Thanks to Ferguson for hand picking a joke. Hahaha laughing stock of the Premier League!

    1. Fergie didn’t hand pick Woodward. Love him or hate him, I think people will come to know the value of David Gill soon enough.


  2. Not only did United not do well in the transfer window but we now learn that those so called imposters at the La Liga office were actually lawyers working on behalf of United yet United distanced themselves from them. The farce includes lying. Not good for the club. I’m sure there will be changes at the club after the inquest.

    The same law firm that facilitated the move of Javier Martinez from Bilbao to Bayern Munich were asked by United to help them with Herrera. The problem is that it took one month for the Martinez transfer to happen but United tried to do it at the last minute which was impossible given the complexity of the transfer. United clearly didn’t do their homework.

    The big question is how will all this affect the team on the field? Will Moyes be seen as less than competent and will it affect how players take to his methods and ideas. We’ll know soon enough.

  3. Some of you good for nothing plastic fans really disgust me. Let Moyes do his thing. Fergie didn’t win his first match nor his second match and he certainly didn’t win any trophies his first season. He was given his due time to build Man Utd into the powerhouse it is known as now. Give Moyes his own due time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you stupid f***ers.

    1. Which would be fine if it was in the same time frame as when Fergie took charge. It’s a different world now and the longer any team takes, they fall behind the pack at a rapid rate. There is no time for a manager to simply settle in – and Moyes will certainly not be awarded the same faith that Fergie was! Do you honestly think that when Moyes took over the role, he was told it didn’t matter if he doesn’t win a notable trophy? This is Manchester United 2013 were talking about… the defending champions… not a dramatically under performing team that Fergie had to rebuild in the 1980’s. Moyes was left with a title winning squad in which he needed to build on… it wasn’t that hard a task to perform really was it?

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