Luis Suarez Worth £55million, Just Like Cavani, Insists Brendan Rodgers: Daily Soccer Report

Brendan Rodgers is playing hardball with Luis Suarez. He’s teasing prospective buyers by saying that if Cavani was sold for £55million, Suarez should get a similar transfer bid.

It seems that Rodgers is gung-ho for either selling Suarez for a ransom, or forcing him to stay at Liverpool if other clubs can’t afford to buy him.

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20 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Worth £55million, Just Like Cavani, Insists Brendan Rodgers: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Smart play by BR. If you read the full transcript of the press conf, he indirectly sent a message to Luis that its time for him to repay some loyalty to the fans and his fellow players.

    if somebody comes in with a 55mil bid or player+ cash bid then they shld take it and run.

      1. Bishopville Red, I dont expect Luis to show any loyalty but what BR did sends out an message to him and the clubs wanting him.
        I hope the club stays strong and extracts every single penny they can get for him.

        1. I agree with this and I think people misinterpret what he did. Surely he’s a hero to Uruguay for that. I’ve always said he’s a player you’d rather have on your team not AGAINST your team. He’ll do anything to win.

          1. ^^^Agreed^^^

            He may drive you crazy, but he’s doing everything that pops into his head in order to help his team win.

            …it’s just scary what’s going on inside his head sometimes.

    1. I think BR is right in what he’s saying. But there’s no need to directly or indirectly send Suarez a message through the media.

      He should wait until Suarez is back in training and have a face to face conversation with him. Or fly out and address the matter to him.

      I’m tired of players, managers, owners, directors, voicing their opinions to the media. All it creates is misinformation and disharmony.

      I understand that this is part of society now (everyone voicing their opinions/criticisms publicly). But all it causes is problems.

      At some point, someone needs to go against what society is doing (like my kindergarten school teacher said: “If everyone decided to jump off a bridge, would you do it?”) People need think about the ramifications of their actions, make better decisions, and just do the right thing.

      1. I don’t think the message was just for Suarez, but also for potential suitors that 30M isn’t going to get a deal done.

    2. @M Owen…and no doubt, if a club comes in and throws 55mil at LFC, they should take it and run.

      Suarez is definitely a world class player, but you can find two solid players who will be lesser headaches for that kind of money.

    1. @Marc L…I guess no one is really worth that kind of money. But if Cavani is going for that, Suarez is hands down better than Cavani.

      I’m not a LFC fan. But I watch a ton of their matches and Argentina’s. Suarez is really good…as a football player.

      1. He and Bale are the two guys I just love to watch play – regardless of what else is involved. But no one in their right (or even wrong) mind is going to pay 55 for a guy who is like as not going to get suspended for a huge chunk of any given season.

  2. Rodgers isnt completely wrong. The amounts are inflated now. There is no denying that. But Suarez was the best player in the league.But Rodgers is just posturing. 55m less 10m for racism, 10 m for biting, 5 million because he will be suspended again . they should be happy with 30m. but Madrid will get him for 35m in late August when they fail to get Bale.

  3. For once I agree with Mr. Rogers. Cavani is over priced, and as someone noted Suarez, less his behavioral discounts, will probably go to Los Blancos for about thirty.

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