USA vs Cuba, Gold Cup: Match Highlights [VIDEO]

The US men’s national team played their second match of the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup today against Cuba in front of large and passionate crowd in Sandy, near Salt Lake City, Utah.

After beating Belize 6-1 on Tuesday, the USA team needed a win today (as well as the score going their way in the Costa Rica-Belize game) to qualify for the quarter-finals, thereby making Thursday’s game against Costa Rica a dead rubber.

Could they do it? Find out in the match highlights below.

3 thoughts on “USA vs Cuba, Gold Cup: Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. I couldn’t care less about this joke of a tournament, but once again, Gus’ voice just rings through your ear canals like Carl Lewis singing the anthem at a Bulls game.

    43sec in to the video: “…Castillo, top of the D… Stewart Holden… **WHADDA!!!**” – hehe lolol

    51-56sec in to the video: “Beckerman. Edging in…
    * * * And then both him and Wyanalda talk over each other to call the goal!! Exact same time they’re both blubbering on. Oh god, it’s just painful to listen to. Play it back. See for yourself. Hurts my brain. I feel embarrassed right now. Literally.

    And this, ladies and gents, is the man that will be calling the World Cup for us in five years time. And I’m sure more Champions League matches this year.

    What fun. Joy. Yay.

    He just kills the viewing experience for our sport. Absolutley stomps on it. Mashes it to a sticky pulp.


    – sigh –

    – sigh again. A real long one this time. –

    I gotta go. Time for a good cry.

  2. Hey Bellyflop, why you watching then if its a joke. I have my tickets for the final and if its USA v. Mexico Soldier Field will be packed. I saw the final in 2007 and for me it was a great moment in sports.

    Take note that the USA B team is rolling over people. The USA has its ticket for Brazil being printed. Seeing what the USA is doing on the road to Rio is great and winning the title is a thrill. Take it from me I have been there for it. See you in Chicago July 28.

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