Gareth Bale ‘Born’ to Play For Real Madrid, Says Florentino Pérez: The Daily EPL

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez is trying to unsettle Gareth Bale by saying that the Welsh footballer was “born to play in Madrid.”

Perez was quoted in Spanish newspaper Marca. And the quote comes hot on the heels of Gareth Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett saying that “If Florentino Perez is interested in Gareth Bale it would be an honor and we would listen, but his contract is with Tottenham.”

What is it about football executives at Spanish clubs who continually step over the line and try to unsettle footballers in Great Britain? It’s ridiculous and frankly embarrassing behavior by a Real Madrid executive.

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10 thoughts on “Gareth Bale ‘Born’ to Play For Real Madrid, Says Florentino Pérez: The Daily EPL”

  1. Real Madrid should get banned from the transfer market. What they are doing is basicly tapping up the player via the media. I am not saying this only. Because I am a spurs supporter but also because I do not like bullies and that is all real Madrid are!

    They won’t stop this behaviour until footballs governing bodies stand up to them. In truth though I think the governing bodies are scared of big clubs.

    These are only my thoughts

    1. To be fair, it seems like Bale’s agent has been stirring these rumours at least as hard as Perez has. Maybe Bale (or his agent) should be banned too?

      1. Agree the agent should be more careful In what he says in interviews (he apologised and said he was miss-quoted)

        Bale’s stated about improving next season at Spurs.

        My venting was venting lol.

        The thing that is annoying and what I see as underhanded is when everyman and his dog at real Madrid constantly release media statements about their clubs targets. I just wonder if they get bonuses for releasing these stories.

    2. It annoys me when it happens to a player on one of “my” teams, but I can’t condem the practice. I know I love it when headhunters call me at work and try to recruit me to another company with promises of stuff.

  2. I think you’re flattering British football by asking “What is it about football executives at Spanish clubs who continually step over the line and try to unsettle footballers in Great Britain?

    Continually? Execs of Real Madrid (or Barca, or anyone else) rarely pay any attention to British footballers. Beckham* – and now Bale – seem to be the rare exceptions. I can’t think of many Spanish teams going out of their way to try and lure British players.

    *I wouldn’t even class Owen as an example. He was signed by Real Madrid more as a kind of “meh, he’s going cheap, why not make a bid” kind of option rather than as a result of a vigorous courtship.

    1. I didn’t mean British footballers. I meant players who played in GB such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabregas, etc.

      The Gaffer

  3. The only thing Bale was born to do was play football, just hope he continues to do it at Spurs. However if he goes i hope it’s for the largest fee we can get from a club outside of the Premiership. Would prefer it wasn’t Real, but i think this is the most likely place unfortunately. PSG and Monaco would pay more but Bale won’t go to these clubs, i don’t think. But however which way it happens Spurs will be in a good position the club will move on, hard as it will be to see him go, we will be able to use the money well. No one player is bigger than a club, cliche but very true.

  4. Can someone publish a guide that indicates the track record of these various publications/writers? You know, something that we could all reference and say, “Oh…._________ who writes for the _________ has a 80% score of Rotten Tomatoes. We should take this rumor seriously, where as __________ has a 1% score which means he basically just makes stuff up.”

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