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The Green Machine Defeats Portland Timbers 10-9, Star Player Atticus Lane-Dupre Scores 4 Goals [VIDEO]

atticus portland timbers 600x390 The Green Machine Defeats Portland Timbers 10 9, Star Player Atticus Lane Dupre Scores 4 Goals [VIDEO]

PORTLAND, OR — May 1st, 2013 — The Green Machine soccer team defeated MLS side Portland Timbers yesterday with star player Atticus Lane-Dupre scoring four goals to send the crowd of more than 3,000 into a frenzy.

Eight year-old Atticus was the man of the match with an incredible performance in front of a packed crowd at the JELD-WEN Field. The match was played on a beautiful sunny Wednesday afternoon against a Timbers team that included star players Jack Jewsbury, Darlington Nagbe, Mikael Silvestre, and Will Johnson.

In his post-match interview, Atticus was asked what his favorite moment of the game was. “The one where I nutmegged Will Johnson,” he said.

Keeping with tradition, Timber Joey rewarded Atticus with a slice off the victory log for his four-goal performance and victory.

Congratulations to The Green Machine for their brilliant performance. And kudos to Atticus Lane-Dupre for his exceptional performance and brave display.

If you missed the match, here are the highlights from the game:

To learn more about the special match, read the Portland Timbers website post.

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12 Responses to The Green Machine Defeats Portland Timbers 10-9, Star Player Atticus Lane-Dupre Scores 4 Goals [VIDEO]

  1. Josh says:

    I love this story a lot but can someone tell me what the “victory log” is? Sounds a little off without context…

    • The Gaffer says:

      It’s a strange but unique tradition at Portland games. Since the region of the country has a large forestry industry, the tradition is that a bloke behind the goal cuts a giant log with a chainsaw whenever the team wins a game. Imagine seeing something like that at a Premier League game! ;)

      The Gaffer

      • Josh says:

        That is completely weird and awesome. It reminds me of the difference between minor league baseball games and major league ones. With the exception of the Milwaukee Brewers’ sausage races, MLB is all business and between-inning music. The minor leagues get much more leeway to entertain – and they use it. Well done, Timbers.

      • Mufc77 says:

        Please tell me they don’t do this at MLS games.

        • The Gaffer says:

          The answer can be seen here:

          The Gaffer

          • Mufc77 says:

            Gaffer I’m speechless. Nobody will ever take the MLS seriously while things like this are happening.

        • slipstream says:

          Snobbery at it’s finest.

        • Mercury7 says:

          The point you seem to be missing is that one MLS team and 3,000 of its fans took time out of their weekday to do something special for a deserving kid and his team. Traditions like this are emblematic of the community. If dropping them is the price we have to pay for being taken seriously by a stiffneck, I’ll take the traditions any day.

          • Mufc77 says:

            No I get what the article is about and that’s great stuff but the simple fact is the rest of the world will never take the MLS seriously if this is the kind of stuff that happens at games. Between stuff like that and the stupid playoff system and different conferences the majority of people who didn’t grow up in America aren’t going to have much of a interest in it.

          • John says:

            Call me crazy, but doesn’t Aston Villa, Crystal Palace and some other EPL, league 2 sides have cheerleaders? How is this any different?

      • RJ says:

        It’s actually done after each goal. From the Timbers’ site:

        After each goal scored by the Timbers at JELD-WEN Field, a slice is cut from the victory log behind the north goal and celebrated in a cloud of sawdust and cheered by the roar of a chainsaw and thousands of voices. The log slab is then paraded through the stands, and ultimately, presented to its rightful owner – the goal scorer – in a post-game ceremony.

        I know they auction off some of the slabs for charity.

  2. AJ says:

    To add some further context to this, Atticus has cancer. He wanted to do something special with his team, for sticking by him through his struggle, and the Make-A-Wish foundation was able to get together with the Timbers and put this event together for him. The 3,000 fans who came out to cheer for Atticus and the Green Machine even booed the Timbers whenever they scored on the 8-year olds.

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