Manchester City Step Closer to Buying MLS Team In New York, Says Report

Manchester City are inching closer to buying a new MLS franchise that would make them the owners of Major League Soccer’s 20th franchise according to a report today.

In December, Bloomberg reported that Manchester City were interested in becoming the owner of a MLS team in Queens, New York. In response to the story at the time, Manchester City released an official club statement saying that they are not a buying club.

But yesterday, MLS commissioner Don Garber was in Toronto where he discussed several topics including MLS expansion. His spokesperson said that there could be an announcement about a new New York MLS team in 4-6 weeks, which would coincide perfectly with Manchester City’s friendly against Chelsea in New York on May 25.

On top of that, blogger Jonathan Tannenwald is reporting that he’s heard from multiple sources that “Manchester City are now once again in the lead to take hold of MLS’ 20th franchise.”

With what MLS is saying, New York City looks an almost certainty to become the next team in the league.

The only question now is whether Manchester City will be the owner. The club continues to see the United States as a prime market to expand its brand. City will arrive here after the end of the Premier League season to play friendlies against Chelsea on May 23 (in St. Louis) and May 25 (at Yankee Stadium in New York).

13 thoughts on “Manchester City Step Closer to Buying MLS Team In New York, Says Report”

    1. Maybe if the league gets to 24. But I don’t think it will be before that. NY2 and Orlando are ahead of Atlanta for sure. Minnesota, Carolina, and San Antonio are probably also ahead. San Diego has the highest MLS TV ratings for any city without a team (a possible spot for Chivas to move?). Miami is still making noise about getting a team. And St. Louis appears to have a lot of soccer demand.

  1. I wish Man City would buy the rights to revive the Cosmos. NYC needs a soccer team as the Red Bulls are too far away to reflect the energy or glamour of New York.

    1. I keep thinking this all a political game by the Cosmos. Setting up shop out on Long Island means I’ll never head out there. It would be just as easy to go to Harrison to watch Red Bull. I really hope this Queens deal comes through as I live there and want to have our own club.

  2. MCFC will not buy this franchise. The only way this could happen is if the owner of MCFC bought the franchise as a separate entity.

  3. hopefully then Red Bulls include New Jersey in their name then, yes I’m one of those guys who thinks all sports teams playing in NJ should be called New Jersey 😀

  4. God I hope Man City isn’t the owner, I actually want to root for the real New York team and not the Newark Redbulls.

    Also the Cosmos are in the NASL so the team will not be called the New York Cosmos.

  5. I thought the Cosmos where next and would play at a rehabbed stadium on Randall’s Island. Well hello Brooklyn Cosmos! NYC could support 4 clubs if asked. Let’s not forget the MetroStars(sp) play in Newark. And there is no easy way to get there unless your a soccer suburban mom. And even then.. It is literally in the middle of nowhere in what they call Harrison.

    There has always been talk about Central New Jersey and the Trenton/ Princeton area.. Hot bed of great local soccer and home to three EPL Academies. But that approved bid was revoked when the Union was formed.

    Frankly what they should do, is cap at 20. And start a second division with relegation. And cap that leage at 10 to 15 and give them equal payrolls (which is pennies anyway) without the player exceptions. Would basically be pre Beckham MLS.

    1. The US is too big to cap the league at 20 teams. Promotion/relegation wont be implemented in the US for a long if at all.

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