QPR Likely To Be Stuck With Their Overpaid Failures If They Are Relegated: The Nightly EPL

If they’re relegated? They mean when they’re relegated, right?

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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5 thoughts on “QPR Likely To Be Stuck With Their Overpaid Failures If They Are Relegated: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Hey Gaffer,

    This is probably nothing, but I thought I’d share this thought anyway.

    I wasn’t aware of the NBC press conf on Tuesday till you mentioned it in a reply on another thread…anyways, for some reason (perhaps the result of a misspent youth in the uk rave scene lol) a tweet posted by Gary lineker over the weekend popped into my head. The tweet said.

    “Only a buffoon loses his passport 2 days before flying to US. Frantically trying to get a new one”.

    I can’t find it in his twitter timeline any more, I did find it after doing a google search for “Gary lineker can’t find passport”.

    Perhaps the 2 are unrelated and I need to stop watching Sherlock Holmes movies, anyways… Wouldnt itbe great if senôr Lineker was somehow involved in this new NBC BPL package, if so what should/could or even would his roll be. Just a thought… Probably nothing…right?

  2. Lineker will have been out there for The Masters. Please keep him, you’re welcome to him, Hansen, Lawrenson and Shearer.

    1. No thanks. We’ll pass. Lineker is marginally Ok but the others are awful. Please keep them on that side of the pond.

      By the way, what are the chances of Stoke staying up?

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