Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 17: Open Thread

Swansea has never beaten Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane in the Welsh club’s 100 year history. Today, the Swans will be hoping to change that record against a reinvigorated Lilywhites team thanks to the return of Moussa Dembele, who has been a major differentiator for Andre Villas-Boas’s side.

Tottenham starting line-up: Lloris, Walker, Gallas, Vertonghen, Naughton, Lennon, Sandro, Dembele, Dempsey, Adebayor & Defoe

Swansea starting line-up: Tremmel, Tiendalli, Williams (c), Chico, Davies, Britton, de Guzman, Ki, Dyer, Routledge, Michu.

Swansea against Spurs is the early kick off today (8:30am ET/1:30pm UK time). That game is followed by the two Wests at 11am ET/4pm ET — West Bromwich Albion against West Ham United. It’s sixth against eleventh. A win for West Brom could move the Baggies back into fourth place (depending on the result from the Tottenham-Swansea game). A win for the Hammers would leapfrog the team above Arsenal into 8th spot.

Before, during or after today’s Premier League matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments thread below.

50 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 17: Open Thread”

  1. Dust Gaffer
    very disappointed no friendly wager on the match of the see the Gaffer in a Spurs shirt or Dust in a Swans shirt would be priceless.oh well hope the best side wins and is a good match to watch.Maybe Ian can get some action with Dust next week.

  2. Anyone else tired of the deep/gravely voice intros from FOX Soccer? They’re so fake, overblown and ridiculous.

    The Gaffer

  3. what a stupid statement if matches ended after 80 minutes Spurs would be first.what if matches were only 45 minutes who would be top of the table.STUPID!

  4. Gutted ! I in my biased opinion felt that Chelsea was the better team but thats football. Corinthians played well in parts and got the win. C’mon Swans

      1. Tottenham 3-3 Swansea City (number of yellow cards handed out).

        The referee was blowing his whistle too much today, but Spurs were physical too as were Swansea.

        The Gaffer

  5. Should be 1 up at least by now, not a good sign, Swansea surprisingly “kicky”, Dempsey not so much a surprise but didn’t expect Swansea to do it.

    I hope we don’t rue those missed chances.

    1. Tottenham playing good possession football. It’s hard for Swansea to win the ball back.

      Spurs are doing a great job at pressuring the Swansea players as soon as they get the ball. Good gameplan by THFC.

      The Gaffer

      1. That would be fine for last year, u have no got more individual brilliance with Michu who can hurt you in a flash. We need to take these chances still.

        AVB has done a great job prepping the boys.

        Démbèle oozes class

        1. In particular, Spurs are doing an excellent job at pressing and shutting down Swansea’s passes into the middle of the pitch, near the halfway line. Adebayor is doing well for Spurs.

          The Gaffer

        2. In particular, Spurs are doing an excellent job at pressing and shutting down Swansea’s passes into the middle of the pitch, near the halfway line. They’re cutting off Swansea’s best build-up/attacking options. We’ve been most effective bringing it through the middle this season as opposed to last year when we relied on the wings more.

          The Gaffer

  6. Defoe missed an absolute sitter, he scores from no where but can’t put away the simple shots, or pass… Drives me nuts. We need a new striker in jan.

  7. A deserved win, we should have score 3 or 4, Defoe missed 3 sitters, Townsend missed a great opportunity. It will take a few games of us winning with a low margin and a clean sheet for everyone to be confident of being able to see it out.

    Couple of rugby tackles from the swans today.

    what AVB is doing with that squad is very impressive, the structure we had, especially with ade going off the comfort we had with just Defoe upfront in the last 10 or so with going back to a 4231. Siggy played well when he came on.

    I hope we have a great run over xmas!

    sorry to see CFC loose…oh…wait…no I’m not. LOL

    1. Good win for Tottenham. Well deserved. The man of the match was Sandro. He kept stopping Swansea’s attacks in the middle of the park. Tottenham had to work hard for the win, but were well organized.

      Would have been happy with a draw for Swansea, but you can’t win them all.

      God, I hate David Pleat’s pro-Tottenham propaganda though. IMG/TWI should hire someone who is more impartial. All Pleat talks about is Spurs, Spurs, Spurs.

      The Gaffer

      1. I agree about Pleat he is a muppet… and wrong about many things in his babble.

        I will be pulling for you next week :).

        The unfortunate defensive performances have distracted from how good we have been in attack this season scoring the 3rd most goals goals thus far.

        Sandro has quiet the motor and has really come on as the “disrupter”, his ball post disruption can leave a lot to be desired depending on his surroundings and its why I would put Dembele ahead of Sandro in the man of the match contenders for Spurs,

        For most of the game Dembele had a wall of red infront of him but his on the ball skills allowed us to open up the very organized Swansea on several occasions but for poor Defoe finishing.

        That seems to be the key to the continental system, individual creativity and skill with movement off the ball in that immediate area unlocks the system.

        I think laudrups player acquisitions have really done the same thing for Swansea adding that individual brilliance from Michu and Chico has allowed for the great progression this far for Swansea this season.

        I hope you win the league cup, be a great achievement and a European adventure for Swansea next year.

        1. Thanks Dust. And I hope you lot qualify for the Champions League. While some people on Twitter were moaning about THFC 1-0 Swans being boring, I found it a very enthralling match between two evenly-matched and talented sides.

          The Gaffer

  8. Come on then Dust, a week until you take on big bad Stoke. Hope we don’t give you nightmares in the build up.

    Sounds like there’s a lot of Stoke fans turning up in fancy dress. I know for definite there’s 2 coach loads going dressed as penguins. If I get any YouTube footage of said ‘animal’s I’ll send it to The Gaffer for airing on here.

    1. LoL… Penguins… Why the fancy dress? Xmas party time?

      I think ‘arry’s tottenham had problems with pulis teams, because ‘arry had no answer for pulis playing for a draw at the lane, with all respect in the world, I don’t think AVB will.

      I think it will be a tough game….at first, but I think once we score the game will open up. and at home we have the edge. if it was at stoke would feel differntly,I hope crouch and palacios play. Jones is a real danger, so if you could see to him being on the bench that would be great… 😉

      I think it will be tiring breaking stoke down but ultimately a win fir spurs 2-0. My concern is the state of the team afterwards for the other fixtures over Xmas and new year.

  9. What is it with the last ten mins and Tottenham? Almost every game around 80 mins they begin to look panicked and become desperate. Swansea were not that threatening but yesterday as 80 mins ticked by Spurs passing game collapsed in midfield and the defence started defending for their lives by hacking the ball anywhere like a second div team hanging onto a 1-0 lead over Man Utd. Two times in the last ten mins they had chances to wrap it up but both attempts were lethargically taken.

    The Manager sets the tone for his team and this current sense of panic must permeate from AVB. I can only assume it’s his lack of confidence by not trying to kill the game off but go in for a anxious siege type mentality. Perhaps it’s AVB’s lack of experience. It didn’t happen under ‘Arry and half the team are still there.

    Also Adebayor seems to be slipping into his “I’ve had enough and don’t feel like playing anymore today” routine. He very quickly took himself off and limped down the tunnel when others would have simply carried on. Players play 90 mins every week carrying knocks. With Spurs lack of striking options his attitude needs to be addressed by AVB.

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