Mark Clattenburg Accused of Racial Slur During Chelsea v Man United Match: The Nightly EPL

Here we go again. There are fresh allegations tonight of a racial slur uttered in the Premier League. But it’s not between players. Instead referee Mark Clattenburg has been accused of making a racist remark during Sunday’s match between Chelsea and Manchester United. All of the details are below as well as the latest news headlines:

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19 thoughts on “Mark Clattenburg Accused of Racial Slur During Chelsea v Man United Match: The Nightly EPL”

  1. This Clattenberg thing will shape up to be interesting especially after a poorly reffed game by him and the Terry affair still fresh in the air.

    My first thought is that there is no way a miked up official would leave himself open in this way. Chelsea have left themselves wide open should these accusations turn out to be fabricated.

  2. How many minority refs or assistant refs are there in EPL- none. How many kids do you see come out before the game that are minority children before a game- none.
    The league is following FIFA standards- a small slap on the wrist for racisim.

  3. I don’t know if this guys a racist but i do know he says some strange things during game and make big clangers, not that the clear off side goal was his fault, but the other stuff was! Before sending Bellamy off a couple of seasons ago he commented ‘I don’t know how you lot put up with him’or something to that effect. Then shortly after he sent him off in a totally wrong decision. I believe this ref is poor and constantly shows favoritism to certain teams. Football would be better off without him and 1 or 2 other similar refs who always seem to get things wrong but always strangely giving an advantage to the few. He is one of those your heart just drops when you’re play certain teams as you can guarantee a bad decision ever time. If this even has the slightest grain of truth he should be gone what ever he give or doesn’t.

    1. @Why? Clattenburg asked the Liverpool bench how they put up with Bellamy after he’d given him a yellow and gotten an earful from him all the way back down the pitch. Bellamy was later booked again and sent off. I’m pretty sure that a couple of Bellamy’s own managers have asked themselves similar questions to the one posed by Clattenburg.

      1. You seem to be confused as he was playing for City not Liverpool at the time. But the whole point is this refs behaviour was complained about by the manager Ashe thought that his opinion of the player got him sent off. The second yellow was clearly unjust. So you have to ask yourself if this ref can keep his contempt for certain players in check,the answer is clearly no. The referee is there to officiate the show not be the star or make decisions on how he perceives players to be. It would seem this is what he does, so you end up with farcical games like Sunday ruined by essentially a bad ref.

        1. Sorry about that you’re right about bellamy being at city then. My point was just that Clattenburg took an earful from him after the first yellow which led to the statement towards the city bench. Not trying to justify the second yellow, just the statement he made.

          1. Your statement made show exactly why this ref is not fit. He has a catalogue of errors against him and also seem to have team he’ll favour and those he is the opposite with.

  4. If Clattenburg did say something he should be done as a ref. But if it comes out that the accusations are false Obi should be punished.

  5. During a game, referess and players talk back to one another all the time. You can lip-read what some players tell a referee and wonder how they get away with it. It happens all the time. So it is not inconceivable that Clattenburg did say something inappropriate to a player. Just what was said is the issue and we’ll know soon enough what it was.

  6. If directed a racial slur at a player then he should be fired on the spot. If he just swore at a player who cares. We all know that players on all teams swear at refs during the game and get away with it do they should cry when the ref returns the favor.

    What’s the odds on Ashley cole happened to with 20 yards of the incident and witnessed everything this time. The problem is if Clattenbursg isn’t found guilty of anything then You can bet other refs will make them pay during the season. Funny how they are all for kicking racist behavior out of football now.

  7. In his book, Jeff Winter (speaking of dodgy referees!) mentioned that he swore back at players before. Usually a like-for-like response to a verbal attack. He also pointed out that some miss it altogether, some “wake up” and realize their tone, but others were offended and he got in some trouble (obviously not much). So it’s clear that the FA has no desire for refs to swear at players.

    If he swore, it might turn into a problem that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. If he’s used racist language (and I’m not interested in the Suarez “but it’s OK to say that back home” attempts tp soften the terms), he has to go.

    If it turns out that Chelsea players made it up (and you’d have to have clear proof that nothing of the sort was ever said – recordings of the ref’s mics would be great, but the word of the other officials on the line would do too), then it needs to handled with a charge of bringing the game into disrepute.

    Calling a ref racist is implying that you’ll get calls against you for reasons other than your play. In other words, you’re calling the ref a cheat.

    The FA has less tolerance for questioning the honesty of refs than they do for players who make racist remarks. Baseless accusations need to be given stiff penalties (suspensions, fines) to preserve the image of integrity of the institution.


    1. I’d say making a false complaint of racial abuse against a ref should be a firing offense, then again it is Chelsea so they will probably just give mata and mikel a nice raise instead

  8. Here we go again with another crap story. I swear they got racism on the brain. Its like the boogyman lurking in every corner. So, if he say the comment he should lose his job, I think not. We are human and prone to error. If anyone has been in a fight or agrument you will say and do things to upset or hurt the individual, very normal human response, sorry we aren’t machines.

  9. No way Clattenburg would be never enough to say a racist remark to a player in the light of all the stuff that has gone on in the EPL lately. This smells like Mikel and the Chelsea hierarchy trying to permantly smear Clattenburg just cos he gave a couple of bad decisions against them. Pretty sick and cowardly behaviour if so. Sounds like it has succeeded to some extent as Clattenburg has been stood down from this weekends games. These poor victimised, millionaire footballers

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