Toronto FC vs Liverpool, Friendly: Open Thread

Liverpool officially kicks off their 2012 US summer tour with their friendly today against Toronto FC at Rogers Centre. The match kicks off at 4pm ET and will be televised live on FOX Soccer for viewers in the United States.

Today’s match will be eagerly watched by Liverpool and neutral fans across the globe. It’ll be our first chance to see Liverpool in action under new manager Brendan Rodgers. While we can’t expect to take a lot from this match, since it’s only a 90-minute warm-up, it’ll be fascinating to see if Liverpool will begin with a 4-3-3 system and, if so, how they’ll adapt to it.

Toronto has a proud history of supporting Liverpool FC, so I’m eagerly anticipating how many Liverpool supporters will turn out for a match in front of a great soccer city. The last time Liverpool played in Canada was eight years ago, but the country’s support for Liverpool is still as strong as ever as witnessed by the 4,000 fans who turned out for an open training session in Toronto on Friday night.

Before, during and after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “Toronto FC vs Liverpool, Friendly: Open Thread”

  1. As you say, you won’t want to make much of whatever happens, but I plan to watch just to see how far Rodgers has brought the team to this point. I certainly don’t expect we’ll see the same old Liverpool.

  2. Starting XI: Brad Jones,Enrique, Sama, Carragher, Wisdom, Adam, Aquilani, Spearing, Eccleston, Pacheco, Ibe
    Second half: Gulacsi, Robinson, Skrtel, Wilson, Flano, Suso, Shelvey, Adorjan, Cole, Morgan, Sterling

    With Agger and Lucas maybe getting some minutes.

    Aquilani always seems to look great in these games. I’m actually more excited about the second half lineup with exciting young players Sterling and Suso included.

    Much bigger games arriving for the Fenway game. Don’t know if Gerrard and Borini will play so soon after arriving.

    1. Thanks for the lineup. FOX Soccer gave the Liverpool starting lineup for the second half. D’oh!

      The Gaffer

  3. Sorry but those liverpool kits look terrible. Surely the designers should know you don’t use yellow text on red, in-fact yellow on anything close to its hue or even as light is not going to look good. I’m watching in hd and it looks awful. Can’t se the sponsor or crest, add the numbers in white….just weird, they should have just used white, would have looked way better.

  4. Gaffer
    when the EPL teams come over for preseason matches do they get a part of the gate or an appearance fee?

        1. Making tons of money. As one example, Barcelona was here for 10 days last summer, played 3 friendlies (without Messi), and made $8 million. Not bad for 7-10 days work.

          Teams like Swansea and Stoke won’t make much money, but most of the other clubs will do well – as well as getting money from sponsorship deals.

          The Gaffer

          1. Liverpool drew about 32k in Toronto while Stoke drew about 5 or 7k, I’d say, in Columbus… and most of those in Columbus were crew fans. Not many Potter jerseys could be spotted, where as the Roger Centre probably had a near even split or 60/40 for Liverpool. Both goals had about the same pop.

  5. Pretty poor game, though Liverpool is fielding a very, very young team… But they are also playing a pretty bad TFC team, so I expect a little more.

  6. A bit late, but the game wasn’t terribly good. The play was very “Liverpool-ish”, where Liverpool continued to master the back pass. Granted, they didn’t have many of their starters out there, but I would expect sloppy play with a more forward approach, not the good ole back pass that helped lose the FA Cup final. They looked like the team from last season out there. Spearing tried a few long passes to break a player open, but they were always over kicked. Any chances Liverpool had, well, they just wouldn’t shoot the ball in the first half. There was one opening where the entire stadium moaned (TFC and LFC fans) as the Liverpool striker opted to pass the ball instead of getting a shot on the target.

    The second half was much better than the first. Things opened up a bit, other than the roof, which closed (thankfully! as the sun was brutal), and there was less back passing. Luckily Morgan was able to get the ball in the net to score the tying goal. The game got a bit quit after the tying goal… for some reason. If anything, Toronto FC probably should have won and had a chance or two late.

    I was a bit let down by the game. I was happy to see “Liverpool”, but Lucas only had about 15 or 18 minutes on the pitch, and the Reds fielded two half teams. Stoke City would end up losing to the Crew in Columbus, but the effort and quality on the field was much greater (well, in the first half at least), and they had the whole squad with them.

    Honestly, why even bother touring in the US in the year of the Olympics and Euro 2012. Why field a half team? But in the end, I’ll take a half-team over no team.

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