Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 26: Open Thread

Today features two massive games, and two other very important ones. The north London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur could have big ramifications on the rest of the season for both clubs. Can Tottenham push for second place? Can Wenger regain the trust and faith of the Arsenal fans, and push the club into the top four? These are just a couple of the myriad of story lines that will make Arsenal against Spurs a must-watch game.

In team news, Wenger has decided to start Walcott instead of Oxlade-Chamberlain, while Redknapp has decided to again start Saha alongside Adebayor up front for the Lilywhites.

Arsenal team: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Rosicky, Song, Arteta, Walcott, Benayoun, Van Persie

Tottenham team: Friedel; Walker, Kaboul, King, Assou-Ekotto; Kranjcar, Modric, Parker, Bale; Adebayor, Saha.

In the other games today, there’s the Carling Cup Final between Liverpool and Cardiff City at Wembley, which should be a fantastic match to watch. Cardiff has a strong side that will definitely be eager to finally get a victory at Wembley. Manager Malky Mackay has got his team playing a very organized type of football that is often hard to break down. Liverpool, meanwhile, will be desperate to win some silverware. And this would be a fantastic achievement for manager Kenny Dalglish.

In the other two Premier League matches, Norwich takes on Manchester United at Carrow Road, which will be an excellent test to see what Norwich is made of, especially since Swansea only lost 1-0 to United when the two teams played in Wales. Speaking of Swansea, the Swans play Stoke City today in a match that EPL Talk blogger Matt Hackenmiller described as ‘Beauty against the Beast,’ in terms of their contrasting styles of play. Let’s see.

As always, post your observations, questions, rants and raves in the comments section below. Let’s hope it’s a memorable Sunday!

36 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 26: Open Thread”

  1. Will Spurs implode again like they did against City ? It’s 2-2 now and you can say anything about Arsenal and Wenger, but Arsenal has been the better side.

    1. I agree but i think the selection of Walcott was a mistake i the OX would have been a better selection playing with more confidence nice come back.

      1. Arsenal won’t get third, but this could be the start of the second half run to match the one between October – December. That was their best performance against a very good side. Could make Spurs nervous. I feel better about CL qualification after today.

  2. Saha probably had a sneeze and pulled his groin. Walcott was horrible in the 1st half but what can I say – that’s why they play for 90 minutes – even Rosicky is having a good match.

  3. what wrong with Harry? He has a bit of a twitch…

    Tottenham LOLspur. DVD out on Moday… attack on the left and they collapse leaving it all to easy down the right. Arsenal playing proper football.

  4. Having lots of trouble with foxsoccer2go this morning. cannot get the Norwich-Man U game and Stoke – Swansea finally loaded after a few hiccups. At this rate I won’t renew next season. Crap service from Fox streaming.

  5. it could be a hell of a weekend for Wales national rugby team beats England and Cardiff is ahead.whatever the drink of choice is in Wales they might run short.

  6. If you take nothing else from this Beer Cup final, its that the Championship is not that drastic of a drop off as many imagine it is. I’d say the main disadvantage that Cardiff have is fitness. Advantage is pure will.

    Liverpool just seem as if they expect not desire this cup.

  7. Agree that Cardiff could have and should have won it with the penalty shootout. What this game showed clearly is how far Liverpool still have to go to be considered a title challenger or even a top 4 club.Hats off to Cardiff who matched Liverpool all over the park. Cardiff deserved better today.

  8. to all Gooners
    where is your team the one that got trashed by Milan,beaten by Sunderland,0/2 to Spurs or the side that scores 5 straight to beat the Spurs?to all you Nostradamus’s out there show me your betting slips that had Walcott scoring 2 after stinking up the 1st half.i would still have started played the OX.congrats on the win and God knows Peers is happy somewhere.

  9. Even at 2-0 up Spurs were never really bossing the game. This has to be one of the worst performances by Spurs since their bad beginning to the season. Arsenal finally played like the Arsenal of old. Let’s see if they continue this form. Arsenal will feel great going into Liverpool next week where Liverpool have dropped more home points than any other top 8 side.

    Liverpool’s win today was not emphatic against a Championship team. Well done to Cardiff that kept their shape and nearly won it at the end of normal time when Kenny Miller missed a golden opportunity from 6 yards out. Cardiff were worthy finalists and I hope they gain promotion.

    United win at the end once again. What else is new. The old men do it again. They may never retire at this rate. Puts a lot of pressure on City again.

  10. Thought this was quite good, FOX canceled its day time schedule today because the Daytona 500 was rained out yesterday, but they couldn’t move a nature program so they could show the Chelsea vs ManU match live.

  11. The last 24 hours have been extremely painful for me for me after that shameful performance by Spurs. When Harry says poor defending was the cause that was the biggest understatement all year. I will try not to rant, I have had time to reflect and for what its worth this is how I feel.

    Brad showed his ages and poor decision making again with another 5 goals let in wtf! As much as i love Ledley King, he has to sit down, its done, with the penalty against Man City and the farce on saturday it has to stop, if not for kaboul it could have been worse. As for Benny he has been a liability defensively for the last 2 years, how poor decision making and lack of effort are a joke. Its time for him to sit and hopefully get sold, this was not a one off, if spurs fans are honest they hold their breath in dread waiting for a mistake every time he gets the ball — time for change, I would rather see danny rose or Bongani Khumalo….. And Breathe…ok…..the players had 2 weeks off essentially from the newcastle game, the Stevengae tie was a joke that they did not take seriously and they looked rusty, out of sync and just not together.

    Harry experimenting with new formations at stevenage was one thing but to do the same against arsenal was a big mistake.

    Scott Parker did not have a good game, after watching this game a further 2 times in full thanks to fox soccer that was evident. He did not sit in front of the defense as he normally does, for some reason he was all over the park taking to many touches over complicating, he just didn’t seem to have a grip on the game as he normally does, with all respect to scotty, I do not want to see you surging int the 18 yard box, he has a terrible shot.

    Adebyor was terrible, why harry did not take him off at the half, I do not know, there was zero effort, no tracking back or making up lost ground or harassing defenders, his worse performance of the year.

    Bale was also just bad, not defensive effort, it was his poor marking that led to the comeback goals in the first half. Im not sure what has happened to bale over the last 3 months but recently he has been going down easier than a @#$%^&…. well lets just leave it at that. He can be deadly and is an electrifying player, but look up once in a while Gareth, not every shot is on, there are players in better positions, wide open! c’mon!

    Ok well maybe these thoughts are still very erratic due to the distress caused by the joke of a performance on saturday, I have to go to the doc’s and see how much permanent damage has been down after that performance….so so so disappointing.

    Oh BTW if harry can’t get consistent play out of the team after what was essentially a 2 week rest then he has no chance at the international level. England will not qualify for the tournaments so that harry can be the potentially great tourney coach england needs.


    1. LOL..No.

      However, Arsenal wanted it more, it was not exceptional performance by arsenal. spurs went up 2 nothing, arsenal weren’t playing great then and then with poor defense spurs let them in the game. Van Persie’s goal to put arsenal level was the only goal that was class, all the others including the spurs goals.

      Please… watch the game again, I’m sure fox will show it again in the next 48 hours, Arsenal won, they wanted it more. but just poor poor defending more than exceptional play from arsenal.

      Walcot is still as bad as he was last week, beating leadly king isn’t exactly difficult, beating benny who was 20 yards out of position isn’t hard. Arsenal are still overrated which is why they are still 7 points behind spurs inspire of the 6 point swing.

      Oh and Arteta is wwaaaayyyy overrated. when Van Persie leaves the arse really are in trouble.

      1. RVP may not leave. I’d bet on him not. And word is there will be 2 or 3 quality additions this summer. This year is one bad one out of 15. I’ve watched the game a couple of times and the entire team played well. That was the first time that back 4 has played together since the first game of the year. Correction they did play together against Milan but Gibbs wasn’ fit enough. Now Sagna is really fit. He could play RB for anyone. The death of Arsenal is way pre-mature.

  12. I see a beautiful stadium, in which players connect on sometimes 3 or 4x the # of completed passes as their opponents(ie attractive football) playing in London which is a world class city. Arsenal seems to me to be the destination for the best players in the world.

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