Commiserations To The Relegated Premiership Class of 2011

As the dust settles on a thrilling ‘Survival Sunday’ Blackpool and Birmingham are joining West Ham in the realisation of their relegation and life in the Championship next season.

This site talks a lot about the great qualities of the Championship yet this is going to be scant consolation to fans of three different clubs in terms of size, budget and history.

Birmingham and West Ham come down to the Championship after a few years in the Premier League boasting attendances that will put them amongst the best supported in the division.

Birmingham also inherit the unwanted honour of being a Championship club playing in Europe next season.

Blackpool are the only side promoted last season to come straight back down after a fairly unique campaign playing a brand of attacking football that endeared them to supporters across the league, that fell at the last hurdle.

West Ham and Birmingham are likely to endure a long summer as their management try and balance the books and ensure a sufficient calibre of player is maintained to push for immediate promotion.

Blackpool are the smallest of the relegated clubs, but they have the least expensive squad meaning that there is likely to be less upheaval at Broomfield Road than at St Andrews or Upton Park.

Finally commiserations to Blackpool, Birmingham and West Ham United, best of luck in the Championship next season.

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