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Watch the Trailer For ‘United’, the BBC2 Film About Manchester United’s Busby Babes [VIDEO]

united 600x400 Watch the Trailer For United, the BBC2 Film About Manchester Uniteds Busby Babes [VIDEO]

BBC2 will be debuting a film on Sunday at 9pm GMT entitled “United.” The film tells the true story of the 1950′s Manchester United side and the 1958 Munich Air Disaster in which 23 people died.

The Guardian’s Barney Ronay and camera crew recently were on the set to watch some of the filming as well as to interview the stars in the film including David Tennant (best known as Doctor Who) who plays Jimmy Murphy, the Manchester United trainer (and later manager) and Dougray Scott (who plays Sir Matt Busby).

The director of the film is James Strong, who is best known for his work on the Doctor Who series. Based on the above video and the trailer for the film (after the jump below), this looks like another fantastic period film just like The Damned United was recently.

My hope is that United, the film, will be released internationally so soccer fans around the world can enjoy the film instead of those just in the United Kingdom.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

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13 Responses to Watch the Trailer For ‘United’, the BBC2 Film About Manchester United’s Busby Babes [VIDEO]

  1. Jack says:

    Im a Man United fan, but this film looks cheesy. Surely it would be better suited as a cinema film, and not tv?

  2. Omar says:

    no dissrespect, but why did they make a film about jimmy murphy and not sir matt?

  3. expat says:

    Two days after it airs, check -it will be there.

  4. MNUfan1991 says:

    United and the Doctor… two of my favorite entities in the same film.
    This is so full of WIN I can’t begin to fathom!

  5. Finnie says:

    Sir Mat Busby’s son has come out and criticized this movie saying his father is portrayed as a “gangster, not a football manager”…very sad to hear as Sir Matt is the one who built Manchester United into the greatest club in the world!

  6. Ron Tennant says:

    Busby was a hard & clever man….just like Sir Alex. This is why they were & still are soooo successsful! As for Jimmy Murphy he was very important too & after the Munich disaster he alone kept them going until they could eventually get back to full strength. Without Jimmy they could have just faded & would not be where they are today!

  7. Graham Scott says:

    I’m not one for looking out for errors in TV progs but…. when the chap with the pipe says “it’s coffee you wassock” (33:06 on Iplayer) I’m sure wassac wasn’t in general use in 1958. I remember Tony Capstick making it popular in 1981 and others have mentioned the 60′s.

  8. Ron Tennant says:

    Watched the film on TV last night & enjoyed it.Don’t think Sir Matt was portrayed as a gangster as described in a previous comment but he certainly was portrayed as a miserable so & so!

  9. Kath says:

    Watched the film on I-player BBC.

    I enjoyed the film but remember Sir Matt being not so tall and I don’t think I ever saw him in a hat.

    My father was a keen amateur player. His Callup papers arrived for war service same day as he had a trial with Preston North End in 1940 – Preston said “If the army don’t take you we will”. But the army did.

    Post war he played against the “Babes” in several charity matches – most memorable was a match where he went into a fair tackle against Eddie Colman and Dad came home with a dislocated shoulder. A friend brought him home carrying a bucket of coppers which paid Dad’s wages for a few weeks and paid for a years rental on a black and white tv from Fred Dawes.

    One day I noticed Dad looked very sad and Mum said he won’t be the only sad man around here. Later I heard what had happened to the plane.

    The film did not show enough of the grief and total desolation amongst the fans in the area.

    This was 1958 – little boys were still being told that men don’t cry and to be a brave soldier.

    I never saw so many grown men trying not to cry.

    You would seem them reading all the other pages of the newspapers in public they did not dare read the sports pages because of their emotions.

    Walking in the streets shoulders were stooped and heads drooping. Men I never saw in church suddenly appeared there and prayed.

    A whole city and surrounding towns was miserable until the clouds lifted a little.

    I wish they had put some more scenes showing the feeling of people.

    The “babe” that Dad admired the most was Duncan Edwards and the atmosphere in our house was really terrible while Duncan fought for his life for those 15 days.

    As a ten year old girl I had prayed for the dead and thanked God for the survival of the few.

    Bobby Charlton became my hero and in the 70′s I had the opportunity to meet him and his brother Jack at a charity dinner. Bobby was a true gentleman and he and his brother introduced me to eating fruitcake with cheese which I have done ever since.

  10. Omar says:

    terrible film! a poor tribute to the Busby Babes

  11. Omar says:

    Ron – it was Sandy Busby who said his father was portrayed like a gangster, and after watching the film i completely agree!! Both Busby and Murphy built United into a great without the ther wouldn’t have been so successful…TOGETHER they were truly great.

  12. eko firman fadilah says:

    film ini kurang pas dengan cerita aslinya, aku sangat kecewa tapi bangga juga bila cerita ini di tayangkan ke seluruh dunia

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