Surprises and Disappointments; DDR and RSL: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

subscribe-to-podcast1On this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast, co-host Richard Farley returns to join partner Christopher Riordan, giving the duo a chance to take an early look back on their preseason picks, using the season’s first few weeks to assess surprises and disappointments. Amongst the surprises, Dwayne De Rosario landing in New York after a combative exist from Toronto FC. And in better news, Real Salt Lake has booked their place in the finals of CONCACAF Champions League, scheduled to meet Monterrey for the confederation’s title. All that, plus the U.S.’s disappointment at the U-20s and the mid-week U.S. Open Cup results, on this edition of the MLS Talk Podcast.

8 thoughts on “Surprises and Disappointments; DDR and RSL: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast”

  1. Thanks for getting this podcast up so soon after the midweek action. I appreciate your good comments on my Chicago Fire and true he team looks better than expected, but I am holding myself back for a while until the Fire get through their West Coast experience with visit’s to Seattle and Portland and LAG at home.

    Red cards, call ups and the schedule have aided them in their first three matches. So, while I bleed Fire red I have to say happy right now but lets wait and see.

  2. Thanks, Lou: After doing the show, I had wished that we had more time to talk about the individual teams more, including the Fire. I think that our big hits this week were DDR and RSL, but I know – given the show is comprised of two residents of the coasts – we tend to overlook Chicago a bit. At least, that’s my theory.

  3. Well if they beat Seattle people will have to give them a closer look. We are lucky that here are a lot of good coming out of MLS this season and thats a good thing!

  4. Richard, just listened to the podcast. Thanks. You sounded unconvinced by your own explanation of why the Away Goals Rule (AGR) was a good thing. I hope you plan to read The Blizzard. There is a nice article (Why the Away Goals Rule Must Be Abolished by Ian Hawkey) in Issue Zero about how the AGR came about (to “streamline … knockout competitions and reduce the need for replays” while also giving “an extra carrot to the away team to attack; it rewarded sides who conquered hostility and the fatigue of travel”) and why it needs to be gotten rid of (“It is outdated and it stifles entertainment.” Among other reasons, “the AGR now discourages adventure rather than promoting it.”). Give it a read.
    — Josh

  5. Thanks, Josh. I’ve read the piece and thought it was a good read, but I didn’t really find it convincing.

  6. Actually, Josh, I don’t think I read that one entirely. At least, I don’t see comfortable saying “I didn’t really find it convincing.” I’m pretty sure I”m thinking of something else.

  7. I’m not yet familiar with CONCACAF CL, but it seems like, if the away team feels motivated by the AGR to attack, the home team feels simultaneously motivated to sit back and play for a 0-0 with the idea of getting a 0-1 or 1-1 in the away leg. If in the past teams needed motivation to open up and play football on the road, the opposite is true now. Too many managers are motivated by the AGR to park the bus at home. It’s easy to understand; it’s just pragmatism. The fault isn’t theirs; it’s the rule’s.

  8. When do the Major League Socer Talk podcasts resume? It’s been a while since there’s been one. Please let us know. Thanks.

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