Manchester United to Play Barcelona In U.S. 2011 Summer Tour

May 27, 2009 - Rome, Italy - Barcelona FC versus Manchester United FC - 2008 2009 UEFA Champions League Final - Olympic Stadium Rome. In the photo: Barcelona's LIONEL MESSI and Man Utd's WAYNE ROONEY Photo via Newscom

Manchester United will face Barcelona in a pre-season friendly scheduled for July, 2011 in Washington DC, the Spanish club announced today.

The massive match between two of the biggest names in soccer will take place on July 30 as part of Barcelona and Manchester United’s 2011 summer tour of the United States. EPL Talk exclusively revealed, more than two weeks ago, that Manchester United was planning a 2011 pre-season tour. The Red Devils have been in discussions to play a friendly in Chicago at Wrigley Field as well as a potential friendly against the Portland Timbers in their refurbished stadium.

In addition to Barcelona facing Manchester United, the club announced two additional friendlies today:

  • August 3: Barcelona v AC Milan (Miami), and
  • August 6: Club America v Barcelona (Dallas).

Unfortunately, Barcelona is likely to be without forward Lionel Messi, right back Daniel Alves and midfielder Javier Mascherano because of the Copa America in Argentina, which ends July 24.

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    1. Dates were announced today and the word I’m getting is that Barcelona may have jumped the gun a little on this.

      Best bet is to stay tuned to EPL Talk for ticket news.

      The Gaffer

      1. if an mls team is your dream christmas present, then would this be a stocking stuffer?

        i don’t mean to give any fuel to get your hopes up for no reason but going back to your mls wish, the timing would seem about right. the marlins are moving out of dolphin stadium after the 2011 season. the new dolphins owner Stephen Ross (who also owns the stadium) will be losing a whole summer’s worth of lease revenue. the stadium will be dormant from Jan -mid august. no more baseball infield dirt. MLS will have 19 teams after Montreal. Dolphin stadium finally gets a solid exhibition (Joe Robbie being one of the first newer stadiums built with soccer in mind). It kind of makes sense in a way.

  1. Hey bato si messi, Macherano y alves no ban ajugar en julio 30 en el fedex field entonces cual es el barcelona que biene? came on guys who make the best show when barcelona play is the litle magic messi gooool.

  2. Just a word of advice before people start dragging their tongues on the ground at the propspect of this “massive match”. This is a pre-season game, and granted, it’s fortunate that there is no summer tournament this year, but i had the misfortune of seeing Man Utd vs Bayern Munich back in July 2004 at Soldier Field, Chicago. As I recall, only Roy Keane started from the star players and the rest were reserves and youth players.

    The game was brutal – a training session – and it ended 0-0. Penalties had to be swiftly arranged to prevent some pretty hostile fans from tearing up the place. United haven’t been back since.

    North American friendlies are not what they appear to be.

    1. To Soccerlimey you must not be a big soccer fan because United was here last year for 4 games against MLS teams and one vs Celtic so they have been here since 2004. So get your facts straight

    2. 2004 was an European Championship summer, so that’s why United were missing a good number of their star players. Just the year before that, they brought everybody for their games against Celtic, Club America, Juventus, and Barcelona.

      Perhaps a good rule of thumb would be to look forward to games in odd-numbered summers over here.

  3. um soccerlimey you still dont sound like much of a football fan anyway. who cares if it s reserves that are playing. if you actually give a shite about the future of your club seeing those reserve players on the field is a big deal. Not all games are full of star players playing attractive football thats not what the game is all about anyway its a team sport. Some time grinding out a win is just as meaning full as a game full of goals.

    1. We could burn up this blog arguing about whether either one of us is a football fan or not. I know I’ve earned my stripes and I’m sure you have too, but this is about “truth in advertising”.

      I happen to be a United fan back from the days when I lived in Manchester and was ecstatic to hear in 2004 that they were coming to Soldier Field to play Bayern Munich. It was billed as “The Rematch” in some quarters. Tickets sold out in a heartbeat and scalpers were getting over $250 per ticket in the days leading up to the game. When the game is billed as a Champions World Series match you expect both teams to field reasonably competitive line-ups. United did not. They had Roy Keane and a bunch of youth players and reserves.

      Now I could have dealt with that, but the game was horrendous. Played at a snails pace, with minimal effort, the crowd (60,000+) started booing in the last 15 minutes. The officials, as the game ended 0-0, hastily organised a penalty shoot-out which Bayern won. The following day, the backlash started. It was so bad that United had to recall Paul Scholes back from his soccer academy in Florida to play in the next game in New York. United have not played in Chicago since.

      Now, tell me how that helps any club or the sport. Grinding out a win I can deal with. Just give me effort for my money.

      1. Personally SoccerLimey you sound like a DC United fan that just got into European Soccer after watching the world cup this summer.

  4. Pero como messi no va a jugar si la copa america termina en julio 24 y el partido barcelona contra manU es el julio 30. Entonces si va a poder jugar no o que, digame si entoy incorrecto

  5. Does anyone have a ballpark figure for the typical cost of tickets on these summer tours? I’m thinking of coming to the US for a week to go to the AC – Barca game but I want to have an idea of cost to budget properly. Any reliable info is most welcome.


    1. Man Utd are playing the Chicago Fire at Soldier field and tickets for that range from $75 (upper middle section) to $400 each sitting close to the half line in the first row.

  6. I Got Kinda Mad When I Read That Messi Isn’t Going! I Really Wanted Him To Go </3 He Is My Favorite Soccer Player Out Of All Of Them But IM Still Going To Support The Team 😀 I LOVE FCB

  7. Theres a company in virginia called Great atlantic travel that has tickets to the Red Devils game against FC Barcelona and others. I used them as my tour provider for supporting England at last years South African World Cup, and was very pleased.

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