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Fox Adds New EPL Highlights Show, 'Fox Soccer Tonight'

fox soccer channel1 Fox Adds New EPL Highlights Show, 'Fox Soccer Tonight'Fox Soccer Channel will launch a new TV series this Saturday night named Fox Soccer Tonight. The show will premiere Saturday and Sunday evenings beginning August 14 at 8:30pm ET and will feature highlights of a Premier League match from earlier that day.

According to a Fox Soccer Channel representative, Kyle Martino will host many of the show episodes as well as hosting Soccer Talk Live. However, Martino will not be the sole host. For example, this weekend Christian Miles will be hosting. Fox Soccer Tonight will showcase all of the goals, near-misses and controversies of the day.

The format of Fox Soccer Tonight will be unique. One Premier League match will be profiled per episode with up to four different episodes broadcast each week. For example, this Saturday’s Chelsea against West Bromwich Albion game will be condensed from the two-hour telecast to 45 minutes of game action plus commentary and commercials. That episode will air on Saturday at 8:30pm ET, while the highlights of Aston Villa against West Ham United will air on Saturday at 9:30pm ET. On Sunday evening, the highlights from Liverpool vs Arsenal will be shown followed by Bolton versus Fulham.

This is an interesting development by Fox Soccer Channel. However, it’s not as complete as Match Of The Day and MOTD2, where even if you miss the games that happened that day or if you want to see the highlights again, you can watch them all in a condensed format. For Fox Soccer Tonight, you’ll only get highlights from two of the games from that day, which is fine if you’re interested in those games. But if you want a comprehensive highlights package, you still need to watch the Sunday night review show or try to find highlights online.

Fox Soccer Channel now has a series of original programming including Fox Soccer Match Day (on Saturday mornings),  Fox Soccer Tonight (on Saturday and Sunday nights), Super Sunday + (on Sunday afternoons) as well as Soccer Talk Live (on Monday evenings) and Fox Soccer Report (on most nights). This is in addition to syndicated programs such as Premier League Preview ShowPremier League Review Show and magazine program Premier League World.

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30 Responses to Fox Adds New EPL Highlights Show, 'Fox Soccer Tonight'

  1. Tony Edwards says:

    Good news but when is there going to be some news about its still showing only the $4.95 trial package?

    • Yespage says:

      More importantly, they have absolutely nothing listed under up coming games for any Football group and under Rugby, one matchup. I figure that is because there is a significant upgrade coming, which I find intriguing and scary.

      I can see getting all gitty to watch the Stoke City match up, having just subscribed to the annual service for about $14 a month on Friday. Go to log on… and I can’t log in. I send an email to report the troubleshooting, and get a reply 48 hours later saying that their system was having problems. In the mean time, I’m missing a game and cursing and throwing the laptop across the room.

      Ah yes, the swell memories of They tease us with EPL manna from heaven, served on a rusted metal plate.

  2. Yespage says:

    Great, another non-football game program on FSC. I like the review shows and all, but would rather watch a football match up than a review program.

    It seems to be at the point where about 33% of the programming on FSC is actual football matches, instead of infomercials, preview and review programs.

    • todd mintz says:

      And that sure does not help robots like Time Warner who make you pay extra for FSP, the same tired line, not enough interest and not enough content. Give me Setanta any day of the week, with unedited programming. Also we used to get MUTV Programming, great for Manchester United fan like me,. Oh well, I am renewing my United Review subscription, arriving within 1-2 days after game

      The bible of programmes

  3. Marc says:

    Any word on who will host the show? Please not Nick Webster, please not Nick Webster.

  4. Cricketlover says:

    The concept of a highlight show looks promising. However, since this is Fox doing it we’ll have to wait and see what they do with it.

    Gaffer, will this be a 30, 60 or 90 minute show?

  5. FSC NO HD says:

    Could care less until I get a HD channel!

  6. Ohioan says:

    As long as the “Premier League Review Show” is still on, and in HD, I’d much rather watch that than listen to Martino and others talk about one or two games from the day.

  7. Matt says:

    As long as they leave the live match commentary alone, and break up the action with their own commentary, this sounds like a fantastic idea.

  8. Kobashi says:

    Has anymore info been released on the Premier League Network to TV partners outside of the UK that is supposed to debut in August? Has anyone seen a schedule of what the PLN will air?

  9. WSW says:

    So FFF-in is not going to be on this year?

  10. eplnfl says:

    Well good news. Well done to FSC for being creative in their programming. The show sounds a bit like the ESPN World Cup review show every evening that in 2 hours featured extended highlights of the days games from South Africa. I really enjoyed the ESPN show and wish FSC all the luck with it.

  11. Casey says:

    Was ESPN also interested in acquiring the 8:30 Sunday games, or was that just a rumour?

  12. timmyg says:

    My major worry about this is that the “four different episodes” will only include… The Big Four.

    I.E., a dour Liverpool or Chelsea 1-0 win over Bolton will be dissected over a Wigan-Wolves 4-4 thriller only because more fans will (presumably) watch the former.

    • Kobashi says:

      My guess is that FSC will give the FST treatment to the first choice 10am game on Saturday Mornings on FS+ and the 12:30pm Saturday Afternoon game for the Saturday Night airings. On Sunday FST will show the 8:30am game on FS+ and the 11am game on FSC. I doubt we will see a breakdown of the game that airs on ESPN 2. With FSC and FS+ rearing games in their entirety throughout the week is a program like FST really needed?

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  15. SSReporters says:

    Is there any reason why FSC doesn’t replay the Premier League Review Show? It’s annoying we can only watch it at 8 PM ET.

  16. CR7 says:

    So I caught this program tonight, and wow they drop the ball, they skip ahead in the Arsenal/Liverpool match and missed the equalizing goal.

    not worth watching.

    • dubs says:

      yup – very disappointing – i thought i’d fallen asleep for 10 secs and missed the arsenal goal – seriously – what a bunch of clowns! heres the highlights, but we’re only going to show one of the goals!

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