Join the Fantasy Premier League for 2010-11 Season

fantasy premier league1 Join the Fantasy Premier League for 2010 11 Season

Great news. The Premier League has opened the doors to its 20100-11 Fantasy Premier League, and on behalf of EPL Talk, I’d like to invite you to join our private league.

To play for free against thousands of football fans from around the world, here’s all you have to do:

  1. Visit the Fantasy Premier League site and log in
  2. If you’ve never registered before, go to
  3. After logging in, select your team (you can always change the team selection later, so don’t worry about finalizing your team right then and there),
  4. Click the ‘League’ link in the left navigation
  5. In the “Join A League” field, enter the code 13413-5300 and then click the ‘Join League’ button

All players from last season will be automatically entered into the new league when they join the game.

The winner of the EPL Talk Fantasy Premier League will receive a package of Premier League-related prizes from EPL Talk, so may the best manager win!

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65 Responses to Join the Fantasy Premier League for 2010-11 Season

  1. Matt says:

    Gaffer, are you sure that I can choose my team already and be able to change it without losing any points?

  2. Jesse Chula says:

    just joined. I’m going to beat all of you.

  3. RayO says:

    Oooh…I’m in!

  4. Kevin says:

    Just joined. Haven’t played EPL fantasy in a few years. Looking forward to trying to keep my team competitive.

  5. Gary Talarino says:

    Just signed up. I guess I’m going to sign for ESPN’s site this year also, although I should know better – the fixed formations, ridiculous waiting periods for scores to be updated, and horrible interface tells me I shouldn’t, but I’m a fantasy football junkie…

    That was tough for me, trying to pick two midfielders between N’Zonzi (rising star, will have a killer season), Charlie Adam and Chris Brunt. Thank goodness I have another month to make a final decision.

  6. Brian says:

    I’m in. I’ve never played EPL fantasy before. Do you have to set your lineup by the time the season starts? Can you make changes during the season or only during transfer times?

  7. Gaz Hunt says:

    I love playing – that is until I remember how terrible I am.

    Maybe I can at least mange to not play my wildcard before December like I usually do.

  8. AndyCR says:

    Hey guys,

    I have created a classic league. The code is 63339-21209
    Join if you want to.

  9. dan says:

    thanx man for you code it really means a lot to me

  10. dan says:

    my team is called the viper

  11. dan says:

    maybe if anyone would like to join my created league my code is 160698-46485 u can join if u wnt to

  12. dan says:

    jesse chula u are not going to a stand a chance agaisnt me , why dont u join my league the code is on comment #13

  13. SdS says:

    Hows my team looking for now:
    GK- Almunia, Carson(RES)
    DEF- Vidic, Upson, Terry, Heitinga, Hangeland(RES)
    MID- Arshavin(C), Gerrard, Barry, N’Zogbia, Riveros(RES)
    FWD- Pavlyuchenko, Adebayor, Fuller(RES)

  14. Basit says:

    my league codes 181973-51843 head to head league
    181973-51901 Classic

  15. ben says:

    hows my team looking so far:
    (gk)robinson (gk)almunia
    (def)dawson (def)hangeland (def) givet (def) upson (def) shawcross
    (mid) gerrard (mid) kuyt (mid) mascherano (mid) bowyer (mid) ferguson
    (fwd) rooney (fwd) anelka (fwd) bellamy

    • Andy says:

      get rid of mascherano. he wont play every game with some of the new signings. instead of mascherano get adam from blackpool. he scored 18 goals in the championship last year from the middfield.

  16. Andy says:

    to ben
    nice def. get rid of mascherano. mascherano wont play every game with some of the new signings. instead of mascherano get adam from blackpool. he scored 18 goals in the championship last year from the middfield.

    hows my team looking:
    keepers: Schwarzer, Brown.
    def: evra, dunne, samba, craddock, shawcross
    mid: gerrard, riveros, milner, adam, ferguson
    fwd: drogba, bent, ormerod

  17. lagend says:

    league codes 282708-74650

  18. lee says:

    league codes 460797-113089
    hope to join me thx

  19. Pat says:

    I’m ready to repeat as champion ;) .
    I just received my prize package for winning last year.
    Good luck to everyone. I sure received my share of good luck last season.

    • The Gaffer says:

      For those readers who are curious to what Pat received as a prize, he received an pair of goalkeeper gloves autographed by Joe Hart courtesy of Umbro.

      Best of luck to everyone during the 2010-11 contest!

      The Gaffer

  20. The scientist says:

    how is my team looking:

    gk: carson, van der sar
    def:dawson, carr, shawcross, simpson, jara
    mid: arteta, dempsey, lamp, dunn, ferguson
    for: rooney, van persie, carroll

    I hope this year is going to be better than the last one, though it was a brilliant one but i had a bad run in december which killed me as lot of matchs were played back then.

  21. Jordan says:

    How do you guys rate O.Haegraves??

  22. JB says:

    Need a few more teams…
    Head to Head

  23. prince e says:

    Anyone can join my league ‘Kingdom of Doom”..the codes are 151939-188156 and 151939-188199 for the head to head

  24. Tamjiid says:

    Code for the fantasy premier league group “WaRRioRs”: 510682-123240

  25. paul says:

    i’ll give it another go…lol

  26. jack says:

    Code to join this league: 34453-12196 . please join ASAP

  27. S.A.F.C says:

    hey whats your team the gaffer

  28. mac says:

    you were asking before so it is, the code 263985-260116

  29. Sam says:

    Who do you guys reckon would be a good investment to add to the team for the future? Played my wildcard. Currently hjave:

    GK: Carson, Gilks (RES)
    DEF: Gallas, A Cole, O’Shea, Crainey (RES), Coid (RES)
    MID: Gerrard, Scholes, Cole, Mikel, Ferguson (SUB)
    FWD: Berbatov, Torres, Anelka

    Any changes? Or looking solid?

  30. jan hernandez says:

    join my head to head league..
    starting game week 6!


    come… show me what u got!

  31. brahimo says:

    voila le code de ma league Code for the fantasy premier league group barca_bra 1776474-32

  32. Tshaun793 says:


  33. Tshaun793 says:

    2203978-424356 join if ur a beginner

  34. OMI says:

    hey can i know how to play in fantasy premier league plzzzz

  35. andika says:

    2095498-438548 gabung yah

  36. JIBRAN says:

    2092502-439418 JOIN QUICKLY

  37. JIBRAN says:

    2092502-439418 JOIN

  38. F.C Jobey says:

    F.C Jobey is one of the new teams that just started and who is going to show all you punks!!! whos the better team

  39. Jesse says:

    Hey guys how do i enter a leage,i built my team but now dont know how to enter a leage…but when i press”enter private leage”then it tells me i need a password

  40. F.C Jobey +2 says:

    Thanks guyz see yaul on the field

  41. Joe says:

    Hey guys,
    anyone interested in trying out a new fantasy football game? We have just set up a fantasy football game with a private league system and unique team.
    Check out if you are interested.
    Cheers, Joe

  42. Abzi says:

    My code is 104816-450007

  43. ABU says:

    My code is 104816-450007

  44. OSKAR says:


  45. OSKAR says:


  46. OSKAR says:

    MY JION A LEAGUE CODE IS 13413-5300

  47. OSKAR says:


  48. OSKAR says:


  49. Joe says:

    Hey Oskar,
    are you talking about the Pl site or kaiser?

  50. futbal crazy says:

    gk p.cech and hart
    defender : bardsley, a.cole, J.terry, carragher and huth
    midfielders :nolan, adam, rodriuez, walcott, n’zogbia
    forward: a.carrol, berbatov, davies K
    hows it???

  51. Jayanth Aatreyas says:

    how to change the password in that fantasy premier league? any idea? please do help me

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