Simon Hill Interview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

Simon Hill is the lead commentator for Fox Sports Australia and, in addition to leading the channel’s A-League efforts, covers the region’s international game. Simon joined me early last week to talk about the five teams from Asian and Oceania that will be competing in South Africa: Australia, New Zealand, North Korea, South Korea and Japan.

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  1. I wish I could hear what Simon has to say, my work has disabled the speakers on my workstation:(
    But Simon Hill is a very well spoken man (best football commentator in Aussie by miles!) and a huge advocate for our code in Australia, particularly in the face of a usualy hostile media. He’s articulate, passionate and a true believer, wish we had 5 more of him. Unfortunately he is a Man City fan, but hey, I suppose someone’s gotta bej/k:)
    I’ll try listening when I get home.

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