Torres Out For Remainder Of The Season, Should Be Fit For World Cup

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres will undergo surgery tonight to repair torn cartilage in his right knee. The recovery time is estimated around six weeks if there are no complications during surgery or rehabilitation. This means the Spaniard will miss the rest of the Premier League and Europa League season and not will return until Spain’s June 3 warm-up with South Korea at the earliest.

In a statement release to Liverpool’s official website a team spokesman said, “Fernando saw a specialist in Spain earlier today and it was decided that he would need surgery on a torn cartilage in his right knee. This will be carried out later tonight.

Torres has been battling injury all season, featuring in only 20 Premier League matches for the Reds. The news comes just days after Liverpool announced the prognosis on Torres knee was positive and would probably start against his boyhood club Athletico Madrid in Wednesday’s Europa League semi-final.

Torres’ absence effectively ends Liverpool’s slim hopes for a fourth place finish and a Europa League title looks far more unlikely without their leading scorer. Fortunately for Spanish fans Spain’s first match does not come until June 16, five days after the kickoff in Johannesburg, so Torres will have more time to recover if there are any setbacks in rehabilitation.

5 thoughts on “Torres Out For Remainder Of The Season, Should Be Fit For World Cup”

  1. How many games does Torres average per season? It seems like it is hovering around 50% of Liverpool’s games, which makes me wonder how much of an impact he REALLY has for a team. He has talked this season about leaving if the Reds aren’t back in the Champions League but, if he is their best offensive weapon, wouldn’t he be the reason why they aren’t back there?

      1. err, i’m obviously not saying his PLAY is the reason they aren’t back in the CL. what i think i’m clearly saying is if he is their best scoring option and he misses a lot of games, isn’t his INJURIES the reason why they aren’t winning as much as they could/should? How disruptive is it to have a best 11 and then take out the biggest piece half the time? True, it would help to have a better option than David N’gog, but I laugh when I hear someone say they will leave because the team isn’t as successful as they hoped when they are the player that continues to miss so many games. It would be different if it was S. Gerrard saying that. Or anyone who never misses a game.

  2. Thats it for Torres at Liverpool then, they won’t make the champions league and now they’re going into massive debt, and the asking price of the club is too high, he’ll definetley have to go to balance the books

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